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March 15, 2009

Ian Poulter


Q. Thoughts on the day and the week?
IAN POULTER: Well, I made three birdies today on the par fives, one was a tap-in and the others were five footers. Yesterday I made 17 pars and one bogey. It was a frustrating weekend when my game was so good and I've played awesome this weekend. But the upside is my game is great, I am playing good golf.
I had a cyst on my right wrist, which I had syringed last Monday which had been bothering me. I went in for a scan last Monday because it was sore and it showed a cyst, which has been there for a long time, It is good news in a way because they syringed it and it took the pain away. That is what the problem has been on my wrist for the last little while but it has never really showed up before so now it got big enough that it showed on an MRI and I was able to get it syringed.

Q. Will that heal it for good?
IAN POULTER: Well there is a chance that it will come back as it can do with any cyst but the good thing is that it is pain free now which is happy days and I feel great with it. If it was to come back I'd just get it syringed again. It literally was sore for a day after the syringing but after that it was fine and if we need to do it again, we will. He could go the surgery route but there is no need to. It was a lump, which got taken away pretty quickly.

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