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March 13, 2009

Ross Hutchins

Andy Murray


6-4, 6-0, 10-7

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Well played.
ANDY MURRAY: Thank you.

Q. How did you feel, Andy? Your first match since Dubai.
ANDY MURRAY: I felt fine. I mean, doubles doesn't attack your sort of cardio, you know, like a singles match. Points are pretty short and whatnot.
I felt like I was hitting the ball pretty well. Returned good, and I didn't feel like I was, you know, that I had lost that much sharpness. So I guess I just have to see how I'm going to feel in the longer rallies and the singles.

Q. Quite an atmosphere out there. A packed crowd out. They got into it.
ANDY MURRAY: It was fine. Yeah, for a first round doubles match and obviously first up in the morning, yeah, we got a very, very good crowd.

Q. Ross, I suppose coming a week after feeling very down, it's good to get out there and play with a guy like that, isn't it, in these circumstances?
ROSS HUTCHINS: It was. I took defeat quite hard last week. Afterwards I was feeling pretty low, and, you know, just wanted to extend the tie to Sunday. We really tried as best we could. We didn't do it, unfortunately.
But, you know, we spent the last few days together, and we got on great. A lot of fun. Enjoyed the practice well together. I did some sets with other guys when I needed some match practice the last couple days.
Nut, yeah, enjoyed it out there. Great atmosphere. We both played well. They played a good second set and, then he stepped it up in the third with some good play.

Q. You too.
ROSS HUTCHINS: Yeah, I did. But for sure but when he returned on my serve, he gave some good advice on serve positioning and kickers, movements. We work well together, and we managed to pull it off. No, we played good.

Q. Do you take Davis Cup defeats harder than any others?
ANDY MURRAY: Personally, I do. I don't know if, you know, I'm just speaking for myself. I take them tough. They hurt me.
Obviously I've lost three now, which is not -- I don't like that fact. But I tried my hardest. I'm improving as a player. You know, I'm just hope I can keep being selected and I can give me utmost to change it around. I know I love that situation, and I'll get the first one on the board, and then, you know, hopefully for the next 10 years either me or Jamie or whoever comes up, we will be the leading country with doubles.

Q. Andy, you spoke a little bit about the tie, that you watched most of it. Were there any positives come out of that tie for you?
ANDY MURRAY: Ummm, not really. I don't think. You know, I think -- I mean, if you go into a match like that where, you know, it's 60-40 or whatever maybe against, you know, we obviously like to see the match go into a Sunday.
And regardless of what happened on Sunday, no one really cares about the dead rubbers. You know, so -- no, I mean, it wasn't a great weekend. I mean, obviously the guys would have liked to have done better, but sometimes it's not to be.
You know, well, I think all the matches were pretty close. Doubles obviously went to five. You know, Josh obviously had a lot of chances in his singles and it could have gone the other way.
But, you know, the team was not particularly experienced, and, you know, I don't know. Like I said, I wasn't there. I didn't see how the guys reacted. I didn't -- you know, I didn't see it sort of from the inside, which is the most important thing.

Q. But having someone, people like Ross and the attitude they have in it, that's going to be important that we find other players in the future who have a similar capacity to try and rise to the occasion at Davis Cup. I mean, it's something we need to survive or flourish in the competition.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, you need -- I mean, I think regardless of Davis Cup or whatever, and, well, for British tennis, we need players with a good attitude. Ross has obviously got one. I practiced with him a lot. I see him training. He works hard.
I don't see the other guys very much, so I don't -- I don't know what their work ethic is like. But, you know, you know, the more guys we can get with a good attitude and work hard, they're obviously getting the most out of their games.
If they go into a match and you lose, you know, it's like someone like Jamie Baker, you put him in the team. If he loses the match, you know that he's getting the most out of his game and giving 110%. That's the best he can do.
You don't obviously want to see guys going in who can give so much more and sort of don't play up to their potential.

Q. Just a word about Montanes tomorrow. You played him already this year. Decent player, top 40 player.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, no, obviously he's been around a long time. He's talented. You know, he's very -- he's very small, so he runs a lot and he has to fight hard in all of his matches.
I played well against him in Doha. Hopefully I can do the same again tomorrow.

Q. Are you ever affected by public perceptions of your role within Davis Cup? Because you've been unfortunate with injury with the knee with Argentina and the virus here. The fact that the public is always disappointed when you don't play, does that ever fizz on you at all?
ANDY MURRAY: Not at all. Because every time I haven't played it I have perfect reasons for it. I was feeling terrible. The time I played out in Braehead, you know, I was feeling horrendous.
You know, if someone doubts whether I like to play Davis Cup, then when they come and watch me play in the matches and actually see me play for my country and see how hard I try and how much I enjoy it, and if they still think the same way, I don't care about Davis Cup, you know, I just pick and choose when I play then, you know, that's fine. I would disagree with them.
You know, I think when you look at other players or guys that have been close to the top of their game, you know, Del Potro and Nalbandian didn't play in the Davis Cup matches in Argentina. I'm sure they weren't getting absolutely slammed for not playing, and their reason was because they didn't want to change surfaces.
You know, Federer, picks and chooses when he plays Davis Cup, Nadal the same. I don't see why I should be the only one, especially when I played in every tie when I've been fit, why I should be kind of slammed for not playing.

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