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March 14, 2009

Nick Watney


Q. Tied for the lead going into Sunday, got to be very exciting.
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, very exciting. Pretty sure if you told anyone on Thursday morning before we teed off that this is the situation, I would take it in a heartbeat. Yeah, very, very excited.

Q. The fact that you were able to go one round today and feel all the hoopla surrounding you, how does that help you for tomorrow?
NICK WATNEY: I think it will be a good thing, a little bit of getting used to it or however you want to call it, seeing it firsthand. I think it will be great for tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Q. What about the fact that you've won before and you've been there before, how much does that help you?
NICK WATNEY: I think that people say that there's no -- what's the saying, there's no replacement for experience. And to have been there, and especially fairly recent, I'm just going to go out, try to take care of my business tomorrow and hopefully it will be good enough.

Q. Do you think playing with Phil today will help you tomorrow playing with him again?
NICK WATNEY: It might lessen the shock a little bit or whatever you want to call it.
So, yeah, I think it will help me for tomorrow. And you know, hopefully can have another good day.

Q. How was it playing with him? Did you converse a lot?
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, we did a fair amount of talking. He's a great guy, really nice. We are both kind of into sports. Yeah it, was good. It was nice.

Q. What are the sports that you talk about?
NICK WATNEY: We talked about basketball just a little bit. We have pretty much a running dialogue with college and pro football, so we talked about that a little bit, and just -- we didn't talk every hole, but when we did, it was good.

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