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March 14, 2009

Shin-Soo Choo

In-Sik Kim

Suk-Min Yoon


THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the news conferences to the World Baseball Classic here in San Diego. We have team Korea here.

Q. You said Mexico people, how do you evaluate their level of players? As a Korean representative team, have you seen that they have improved so much?
IN SIK KIM: Mexico has a very strong -- as they see their batters, they have long batters, eyeballs, as far as we know, and one who is working in Korea to play in Korea, they are -- they usually run a long fly ball here, they have strong team.
As for us, we have to adjust the time, we have to particularly adjust the time, but we are no -- today, I think about two of us complain about their conditions, but the rest of us are coming into normal condition.

Q. Mr. Kim, in the second stage, which kind of game would you like to make against the stronger opponent teams, not only against Mexico, but Cuba and Japan, too?
THE MODERATOR: Repeat the question.

Q. Mr. Kim, in the second stage which kind of game do you make against a harder rival, not only against to Mexico, but to Cuba or Japan?
IN SIK KIM: The most important thing is that three teams are, each of them, I don't think any of them are weak or anything, so starting from the beginning, we are preparing the same way, more the same way for different teams.

Q. Mr. Shin, you have been practicing your batting? I don't know whether you have improved your fielding, you are in front of a big game, what are your feelings? I would like to hear from you.
SHIN SOO CHOO: Well, I'm trying to return to my condition. I've been trying so hard, but it doesn't come up so fast as I want it. So my condition is very good. I could see that ball very well, but hitting the power ball when the ball comes nicely, but when I had the good condition I could hit every time. But that is some problem I feel right now, that tomorrow's game just my condition -- to my best condition.
And then as I go in the season, I can try. I know I play in the bad season, but based on that part, I think, not only the batting, but in every aspect, I would like to be equal with my team members.

Q. Mr. Kim, who is your starting pitcher for tomorrow? What are your memories of losing to Japan here three years ago?
IN SIK KIM: Suk Min Yoon will be the starting pitcher be. Three years ago, we lost to Japan. Of course, I can remember it very well. But in the baseball game there, sometimes you can lose by very little score, but also you can lose with a very big score difference, but also you can win with very big score numbers.

Q. You did a very good place in the placing of a person, a player who had been treated in Korea, but which weak point do you think he has in tomorrow's Mexico game? What's your preparation in that game?
SUK MIN YOON: I have been playing there, so I know his weak point, therefore, when I come across with him, I have very good feelings. I don't know if he is ready or -- I will try my best to get the best result. I will do my best.

Q. I'm asking manager tomorrow in the second round, Mexico games, it's important things whether we can go -- each player looks like they are very much -- feeling very good. But as a manager, do you have a good feeling that you're going to win that game?
IN SIK KIM: When you come to the game, welcome with everything we can do, because there is no change in my mind that we have to do our best. Of course, in the games, you have to go through the game to know the result, but there is no difference in my mind that I have to do my best every time.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much. Welcome to San Diego. Good luck.

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