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March 14, 2009

Rod Delmonico

Sidney Ponson


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Team Netherlands.

Q. The play at the plate in the second inning, seemed to be a big play. Do you think that might have been the difference?
ROD DELMONICO: Well, we needed one more run to tie it up, but it would have helped if we would have scored there, but we were trying to be aggressive and sometimes that happens in baseball.
But yeah, that was a big play for them.

Q. Were you anticipating a low-scoring game? And did you feel that a play like that may come back and haunt you?
ROD DELMONICO: Well, I think we've got a very good third base coach. He's very aggressive, and probably if he had to do over again he wouldn't send him, but he was trying to be aggressive and that's the way we play. It just didn't work out our way.

Q. Sidney, would you talk about the experience of this game today?
SIDNEY PONSON: Experience playing with the Netherlands team, I can't describe it in words. I'm kind of pissed off because we had two bad mistakes and it cost us two runs today. If we didn't do those, the outcome could be different. Those guys had three hits, three runs.
Our pitching is pretty good, the hitting is pretty good, it's just today the ball didn't fall our way, it fell their way. It's one of those, guys, you go home, think about it, clean slate tomorrow, come hard and play good. Tomorrow if we lose we go home, and I don't think nobody in the clubhouse wants to go home.

Q. K-Rod is a guy who, I don't have the stats in front of me, but he's been a one-inning closer. What did it say to you that Sojo obviously thought enough of you guys and that threat that he reached for a guy for a four-out save who doesn't even do that much during the season?
ROD DELMONICO: Well, I think he made the right decision. At that point he needed to stop it, and if he's the best guy down in the bullpen, you know, he's getting to get three outs. But back in the day that's what those guys did, with Goose Gossage and Lee Smith, they'd come in and pitch the eighth and the ninth, so that was a good move. I would have done the same thing.

Q. (Question in Spanish.)
SIDNEY PONSON: I felt great possibly, but after I hit through that two-strike ball down the middle to Chávez, I got pissed. So I started bearing down, but it was sad that I couldn't get out of that inning with no runs. The way I was thinking about things. When I got more than two strikes I was trying to strike him out, and I threw a couple pitches -- when I got that ground ball out, I walked Bobby, then I got Cabrera, and then after that I settled down. When Cabrera hit that home run again, I did a mistake that I normally don't do.
But like I said, we lost today. It doesn't matter how you look at things. So we need to win tomorrow. That's what it comes down to. And I think those guys are going to evaluate things, too, because they got away with one today.

Q. For the manager, next game will be against Puerto Rico or the United States. Is there a difference playing either Puerto Rico or the United States?
SIDNEY PONSON: We need to win. We're going to watch the game. Whoever comes, they both have good teams. Puerto Rico beat us over there twice already. We didn't play America yet, but tomorrow is going to be a different game. Tomorrow is zero-zero everything. Tomorrow whoever we play is win or go home. We have to take it serious. It doesn't matter who we play.

Q. Sidney, do you think you can continue the game more than the 79 pitches you make? Did you feel comfortable today?
SIDNEY PONSON: The rules are the rules - only 85 pitches. I could have threw 140 today if I wanted to?

Q. I know what's the rule, but how do you feel?
SIDNEY PONSON: Yeah, I could have thrown the whole game today. I feel great today. But you have to go through the rules. I threw a lot of pitches in the first couple innings, and I didn't give him a chance to go really deep in the game. We had a great guy come after me, we had a couple good innings and we went from there.

Q. So we can say Sidney is ready to pitch for the Major Leagues completely?
SIDNEY PONSON: If I got a job, yes, I'm ready to pitch in the Major Leagues.
ROD DELMONICO: The reason we took him out is Cordemans is better at starting the inning with nobody on. We didn't want to bring Sidney back for a few pitches, and then if there was somebody on take the chance of bringing Cordemans in. He's more of a starter and then he can go through a routine and get through the inning. It worked out better that way. But I thought Sidney has thrown outstanding. Every time he's thrown he's gotten better over the last four weeks.

Q. (No microphone).
SIDNEY PONSON: The public reacted, I don't know what happened, and today in the clubhouse I was told that they were booing Magglio. I don't know why, and I can't care.

Q. Can you describe your work against the Dominican Republic, and compared to that when you faced Venezuela?
SIDNEY PONSON: It's the same thing; every hitter over there is a big leaguer. Everyone with a bat can hurt. I take Mora such as I take Cabrera and everyone else. Everyone has a bat in his hand. Chávez hit a triple. I made a mistake and they hit it, and that's why they have a bat, to hit.

Q. Sidney, it looked like you had a little exchange with Melvin Mora during the one at-bat. What was going on?
SIDNEY PONSON: Friendly competition between me and him. Let's keep it that way.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, guys.

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