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March 14, 2009

Soren Hansen


Q. What happened there on 18?
SØREN HANSEN: I don't know, I hit two terrific shots. First one was off the tee box, great drive and I had a 3-iron, 220 yards. Hit a great 3-iron out there close, and yeah, just didn't hit it.
I didn't know until I signed my scorecard, a lot of threes on that back nine, and that was another missed. A great day, I really enjoyed it. I played fantastic today, and that's all it is really.

Q. Did you know you had six 3s in a row at one point?
SØREN HANSEN: Well, it never really crossed my mind, because you make two eagles, you throw a few birdies in there, as well, a couple of par 3s; never really crossed my mind.
Checking my scorecard walking off the 18th green, I thought, that's a lot of 3s, and I just missed one. It was great fun. I really enjoyed that. The case this year, I've played good golf but thrown in a few high numbers here and there and destroyed a round.
Today I just kept it going, and I'm really pleased with the way I hit those last shots down the stretch. It's a tough hole and I handled it well. I'm pleased.

Q. The front nine, you played steady golf, nothing crazy and spectacular; was it the eagle at 10 that got it started? Sounds like you didn't even realize what was going on.
SØREN HANSEN: To start, I missed a short one for par on 9 and was a little pissed off. Then I hit it on the green and holed a really good one for eagle on 10.
Then threw in a birdie on 11 and I hit a good drive and a good second shot where they had the tee up on 12 today, so I got onto the middle of the green and had a really good opportunity again for eagle, and I holed that. All of a sudden I was off and running and kept the nose in the ground and from there on, it was sort of on cruise control, really.

Q. Is it difficult to stay in the present and in the moment, because there has to be a part of you knowing that it's on now.
SØREN HANSEN: I think when you do things like that, you don't have to try to think so much. You just keep on going and grinding away.
It's those moments we sort of practice and live for, really.

Q. Looking at The Race to Dubai and things like that, there's a lot of money for this week; are you thinking about that?
SØREN HANSEN: Not really. The season is long, and I never really come off to a about start at the start of the year. I always sort of get my form during the summer. So I'm really pleased with the way I sort of got back in the game of this week.
As I said before, I feel like I'm playing well, but I just threw in a few silly numbers here and there and it just destroys the round. So it's been frustrating this year. Today it was worth waiting for.
Tomorrow is another day and you just have to go out there and keep your nose to the ground. I played really solid today and that's what I'm pleased with, and now I'm going to go out and try really hard tomorrow.

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