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March 13, 2009

Joe Krabbenhoft

Marcus Landry

Bo Ryan


Ohio State – 61
Wisconsin - 57

THE MODERATOR: We'll ask Coach Ryan to make a quick opening comment about the game and then we'll take questions for Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry. And then we'll finish with questions for Coach Ryan.
COACH RYAN: We knew it would be pretty much a possession-by-possession game. And it was. It was typical of the one we had at our place.
But in the last five minutes you gotta knock some shots down. And unfortunately we didn't. And Turner made a lot of good plays. He's that good. And he also helped create some things for the other guys. But he proved why he's I would easily say the best player in the league. Because he gets things done. And he makes his team successful.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Joe or Marcus.

Q. Since you were both involved in guarding Turner, could you talk about guarding Turner, especially down the stretch and what you were trying to do and what happened?
MARCUS LANDRY: Well, Joe guarded him a lot more than I did. But it's a team game. Like Coach said, he's a great player. And he proved today why he's I think the leading scorer in the league and why they won today. The thing we were trying to do is kind of force him into other guys on the court like we did the first game.
But he made plays. And he scored. And he also found other guys when he needed to.
JOE KRABBENHOFT: Marcus said it right. Evan's a great player. He did it down the stretch. He stepped up and led his team. They were down a couple, I remember, and he just took control of the game. Took control of the ball every time we were on defense it seemed like he had the ball and he was in control and you just gotta try to make it tough for him. And he made it look easy.

Q. Joe, the scoring problems going in long droughts like you have had problems with all season reared its ugly head here again. No field goals in the final 5:58. Could you talk about what you guys weren't doing or what Ohio State was doing that made scoring such a problem?
JOE KRABBENHOFT: We've got to step up and knock down shots. I thought we had a few good looks and they just didn't go down for us. That's on the players. And Ohio State, we've been going against their zone the whole game. The game before, they ran that zone.
So we knew where to get the looks, and we tried to get the ball to those places, and we've just got to step up and knock them down and we just didn't execute as far as shots going in.

Q. Joe, do you feel you need to sweat it out for an NCAA bid at this point, or do you think this team has done enough to impress the committee?
JOE KRABBENHOFT: That's not anything that we can talk about. We're not in control of that anymore.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Bo, I would ask you the same thing about the NCAA and your resume and what this loss in the first round or the quarterfinals does to that?
COACH RYAN: That's just it. It's the quarterfinals. We earned our way to the quarterfinals by finishing seven of our last nine on the plus side. So I look at the other teams out there and everything else. For that question to even be asked, that's fine. But if you look at the teams we played, we played a tough schedule.
There's nothing I can say that would do anything. But you get 50 shots in a game like this and the other team gets 38 -- and the guys are right. They know they hit some shots. But Ohio State's a good team. We didn't play some 70th RPI team. I think Ohio State was somewhere around us. Neutral court. Hard-fought battle. Our guys accept the results because they can't change them. But it will be what it will be.

Q. Seemed like Ohio State when they started extending the pressure, started pressuring you more in the back court sort of made your guys a little bit uncomfortable?
COACH RYAN: They were doing it early, too, they did that in stages, but still down at the other end I really liked some of the looks. They were taking away pretty much anything inside. But some of those looks from 3, boy, you'd like to have them back. If you're in a shooting drill and you have that shot and the person throws the ball back out to you if you could take two in a row, two for a dollar, three for a dollar, you'd probably hit the next two. And the problem is from that time to the next time to get a good one like that, a lot of things have happened.
But I really thought our ball movement wasn't bad. We didn't turn it over. We didn't give them stuff. I thought our guys, other than the pass that Trevon made to Jason Bohannon there at half court, I thought we did a pretty good job of getting to a look and then not enough -- we needed to get one or two more offensive rebounds.
The last field goal we hit or one of the last ones was an offensive rebound kick out to Trevon Hughes and he hit the three. And that's more like touching the post, getting it out, only the post pass came off of an offensive rebound. We had a couple others like that, too. If you can stick 'em, it sure makes a difference.

Q. No field goals the final 5:58, any thought of going to Jordan? He had three assists and no turnovers in the first half. He started to facilitate things --
COACH RYAN: He had a drive to the basket and flipped up an AAU wild shot. He didn't handle that real well. So maybe first time in the Big Ten Tournament, that type thing. But the other guys were very capable that we had on the floor of knocking shots down. Jordan had his opportunities.
I don't ever go, oh, I should have put this guy or should have did that guy. No. The guys I have on the floor I believe in. Always have. Nobody asked if you're on the plus side of 5 beating an Ohio State, did you ever think of putting this other guy in?
You feel the same way with the guys no matter what the score comes out. You have them out there for a reason. Just so you know, I've never been asked that question before with a win, why didn't you go with this guys.

Q. Talk about Jon's work facilitating the offense against the zone out of the high post.
COACH RYAN: Jon's stretch, we did some things to give their zone that look, and sometimes we used a big, sometimes we used a small, sometimes we used an in-between.
But that's the whole idea of giving the good looks, to see how they're matching up with it and what they do. And Jon did a good job. He had some good wide-open shots up there. I think he hit one of them. Couple other jump shots he had, too.
Shooting percentage, when you look at the guards again, it's very troubling for the rest of the team to be able to think that J-Bo, Pop and Jordan can shoot, what was it, 20 for 27. Sometimes you've just got to stay as a player I've got to make some shots.
Taking care of the ball, I liked the hustle. We were on the floor and getting after it. And if you're in that situation again, you've got to have people step up and knock 'em down.

Q. You looked a bit mystified by the technical foul. What happened?
COACH RYAN: I have no idea. Then I'm asked by ESPN at halftime what about the flagrant elbow or forearm, or not flagrant, but I'm asked about what was said from the bench, I guess, was the only thing the assistants can say is they all yelled Marcus just got knocked down.
So then I'm asked by the media why didn't they call that forearm to the neck of -- to Marcus Landry. I'm like how can I answer that? I can't answer that. What kind of answer can I give to it?
So, anyhow, I guess the guys on our bench and a bunch of fans behind us yelled at the official about Marcus getting forearmed or something. I don't know. Maybe she had somebody in earphones saying there was a foul into Landry.
But you're not allowed to sit with a computer that has the running game on it and a coach is not allowed to look at that computer during the game. That's illegal. So I couldn't see it or go have somebody look at it and tell me and we're not allowed to get signals down from upstairs from the box. So was she talking about? Does anybody know?

Q. Lauderdale appeared to knock Marcus down.
COACH RYAN: That's what the assistants saw, because they yelled, hey, he knocked 'em down, is the only thing they can think of that they said. But they weren't the only ones. There were people -- I think even the policeman that was sitting there behind the bench, there was somebody else yelled. I could hear everybody yelling.
But I can't criticize officials. I can't say anything. But that halftime interview I was led to say something but I didn't bite. I said I have no idea. By the way, we shot the ball, you probably know that.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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