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March 13, 2009

Matt Jones


NELSON SILVERIO: Can you do your birdies and eagles?
MATT JONES: Birdies -- I think -- I can't remember all my birdies. 11, 18. That was it on the front nine, and then I had six on the back side. Birdied -- eagled No. 2, birdied 3, birdied 5, 7, 8, 9 -- no, 5, 6, 7, 8.
NELSON SILVERIO: Any differences between yesterday and today?
MATT JONES: No. It was very similar. I mean the wind stopped, the wind started. There was a little bit of rain here and there.
Actually, I find the course easier to play in the wind than with no wind because it changes the club you hit off the tee. So the putting numbers, holes number three and four you can hit 2-iron off the tee where you don't have to hit 3 wood driver. So the holes you're into the wind you're still going to be hitting driver off them anyway, so I like the wind out there.

Q. (Inaudible question).
MATT JONES: No. It was very similar. Yesterday was pretty windy. Today was pretty windy at times. I think the rain was worse today, the one point we had it when we were on the sixth or seventh hole I was playing for the day. But other than that, the wind was very similar tonight for the last three holes, which was nice to play the last three holes in that wind. But overall it was very similar.

Q. (Inaudible question).

Q. ...for the weekend?
MATT JONES: In the Honda two years ago I was tied for the lead going into the last round.

Q. Does this give you the confidence?
MATT JONES: It's really -- it's only after two days it doesn't matter. Right now it's just two more rounds of golf I have to play, and if I can beat everybody else by one shot the rest of the week, that'll be good enough.

Q. (Inaudible question).
MATT JONES: Oh, yeah. I'm actually just trying not to have any bogeys. I've had one bogey this week. That's my goal, to hit as many greens as possible and have no bogeys. If that means aiming in the middle of the green off the wood and just trust my putting.

Q. Is it any pressure when the player next to you is very strong?
MATT JONES: Oh, it's fine. Doesn't bother me at all. I've played with Phil, played with plenty of guys. I'm not intimidated by them.
I'm playing with Jason Day, another Australian tomorrow. So that'll be fun. We'll have some good conversations out there. He's a very good player.
NELSON SILVERIO: Anybody else? All right, Matt. Thanks.

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