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March 13, 2009

Henrik Stenson


Q. I asked Padraig what he thought, and he said he's not surprised because you come from Sweden?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, somebody has to keep the reputation up for the Swedes.

Q. Is it better that you had the boxers on and not briefs?
HENRIK STENSON: I would say so.

Q. And this whole thing with all of this attention, you're one of the top golfers in the world, but most people today are talking about what you did on No. 3.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I'm happy I amused somebody with it. I saved a shot and that was the main focus at the moment to get it out of the hazard and to make sure I could save at least a five on that hole, and I did that. I was happy with that.

Q. Did you take a lot of kidding from your fellow pros?
HENRIK STENSON: There's been a few funny comments.

Q. What's been the funniest comment?
HENRIK STENSON: I don't know. Someone said they wouldn't do it for a million bucks. Well, they can just chip that million over then. (Laughter).

Q. And today you hit a 3-wood?
HENRIK STENSON: Yesterday, it was the same. It was 3-wood I hit yesterday in the mud, as well.

Q. Was there any trepidation as you stepped up to that hole today?
HENRIK STENSON: No, it's a tough tee shot. There's no question about that. I just miss-hit it and left myself a long second, but I made par, so I went one better without the mud.

Q. Did you have rain gear?
HENRIK STENSON: No. I got the solution, haven't I? So I don't need the rain gear.

Q. You made the joke about a player saying, "I wouldn't do that for a million bucks," and you said, "you can chip the money." There are some baseball players that have their assets frozen and cannot get to their money; what is your situation?
HENRIK STENSON: It's hard to know. Everybody is waiting for the outcome. I don't know anything more than what's been in the papers and obviously it's not a great situation for anybody involved.

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