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March 13, 2009

Padraig Harrington


PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I hit it pretty similar to yesterday in terms of I struggled off the tee. The only difference is today, whereas I got away with all my tee shots today, I think maybe eight times I was unplayable today. I seemed to get every bad break going out there. But you know, I made the most of it, and certainly got it up-and-down and made a few birdies to counteract it. But definitely we were actually starting to laugh at it actually towards the end of the round. If I missed a shot, it was -- found the worst possible spot I could find.
That is as good of a shot as you'll see out there today. It would have been very easy to throw in the towel and everything seemed to be going against me. As I said, it's very unusual to once or twice in a round to be unplayable; but eight times, and some of them being good shots, so I stuck in there and hopefully will be better come on the weekends.
I hit it much better, but some of my bad shots got punished severely, but I did play better.

Q. Are you getting more requests and questions about continuing this Paddy Slam potential?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I've been getting it for seven months so it's continuing yes and it is peaking at the moment. There was a lot of random requests than normally through the normal channels, so it has been busy, yes.

Q. How much are you thinking about it?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I'm trying to play it down obviously and not think about it. It's impossible, obviously if somebody asks you a question, for it not to be on your mind. As much as I'm endeavored to keep my mind focused on playing this tournament or any particular round of golf, it is hard to completely ignore the subject when you're being asked about it.

Q. The last two years, T-5 and T-8 at the Masters; are you going to have a different approach or perspective at all?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: No. No. Not at all. The approach I've had to the majors over the last couple of years has worked quite nicely so I don't think I'll be changing that.
I do realize some things will be different and I'll have to deal with that, but you know, so be it. I had to deal with it in The Open Championship last year and that's obviously different, as well. So it would be a new experience, one that I will be better for, but I'm going to try and deal with it the best I can.

Q. What about the setup -- not the history of it --
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I've done okay the last couple of years. I've got vaguely in contention two years ago. So I'm happy -- I look forward to it. It is a very testing golf course, and certainly the most pressure-filled golf course we probably play all year. So, you know, it's a tough course, but every finds it tough, so hopefully that will suit me.

Q. (Inaudible.).
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: Okay, if you want to bear with me -- (laughter). Yeah, I hit 3-wood up the second hole, that was innocuous in the rough and it was against the stump of the tree and I had to chip it out left-hand.
Then the par 3, 15th, I hit it up against the tree again. I could play it but I was standing in the tree.
16 I hit a good tee shot that plugged a little on the bunker that I thought was going to be in the fairway, so I had to chip that out.
3, I cut my 3-wood and the wind died and kept going and landed on the edge of the hazard and kicked in. The second shot it did the same thing again, cut it into the wind, hung out there and kicked into the hazard.
And on 17, I hit it left in the rough and had to lay up because I had such a bad lie in the rough.
6, I hit it left and hit it through and had to rebound into the hazard.
8, I hit it down in the right and finished just in the rough buried. I thought it was plugged. It was one of those days. Everything went right for me yesterday and everything went wrong today. But that's the nature of golf. I realized that you get your bad breaks. We got to the stage today where I hit a bad shot and we were walking down there, nearly expecting the worst and it kind of became comical.

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