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March 13, 2009

Bryce Molder


MARK STEVENS: I'd like to welcome Bryce Molder to the interview room. Bryce is at 8-under, and after the first wave he's tied for the lead in the second round of the Puerto Rico Open. Bryce, if you'd just start off, give us some general comments about your round today and your thoughts on how you're playing so far.
BRYCE MOLDER: If you look at the scorecard, it looks extremely steady, and for the most part it was. I had three birdies, 15 pars, and I birdied three par-5s, and so there was -- there's nothing spectacular about the round, other than the fact that I hit some really, really good shots which turned out to be pars, and I hit a few poor shots -- I wouldn't say poor shots, just misjudged the conditions and ended up in some tough spots, but ended up making par.
So seemed like the times when I was in trouble, I got out of it and the times when I thought I was going to knock it close, I was 15, 20 feet away, so it ended up being a pretty boring round, even though I felt some really good swings out there.
MARK STEVENS: Okay. Questions, please.

Q. What was the highlight of your play today?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, right off the start, the second hole, par-5, the second shot -- it's important yesterday, my good stretch was two, three, four, five, six and seven, so it's kind of like, well, if I'm going to play well, I need to get started early.
And No. 2 is probably the easiest hole out here, and I hit a really, really good second shot. Didn't end up great, but I made an easy birdie, and it was just kind of like, okay, I'm right where I left off yesterday. I feel good about my swing. I feel good about my game, and just settle down and play.
So it was really that. Other than that, like I said, there was really no spectacular -- it was a few good chips or putts on the Back 9 for par, but although I felt like I ended up a lot worse off than the shot that I hit.

Q. How did the greens feel?
BRYCE MOLDER: The greens rolled very well. I had one partner yesterday that kind of bounced off line. That could have been me.
So they're very good. I'd say the toughest part about the greens, it seems like you can land it in one spot and it'll stop, and then you land it a few feet over to one side or the other and it releases. And maybe that's the little tiny mounds, and it could just be because they're still fairly new. And so that makes it really tough when the wind's blowing really hard. Whether it's into your face or downwind, you're expecting to be able to release 15, 20, 30 feet and it just stops. But like I said, there's a lot of movement within the greens, so that could be, you know, as much as anything.

Q. Did you have a chance to play after the rain?
BRYCE MOLDER: We did. It was kind of like yesterday. Early in the day we got a pretty good shower. It was a little thicker than it did, and with those showers comes a lot of wind, which makes it -- you kind of have to battle for those holes.
And yesterday we kind of played the holes at the wrong time in the rain and the wind, and today we played them kind of at the right time as far as which holes you were playing. If they were downwind, you could manage them. And after the rain stopped, the wind usually died down a little, and it kind of did that again, but I think that's going to be -- from what the forecast is, we're going to get a little bit of that just off and on.

Q. So it might end up even better after the rains?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, a little. A little. But I think it's the nature of these greens. The Paspalum and the sand base, where I think it would take a lot of rain to really change -- it might change for 15 minutes while it's actually still wet, and then once it dries out, that's what I found about three or four holes later it was bouncing again.
So you know, they hold up really well. I don't know how they hold up in a lot of rain, but I'm sure they hold up pretty well.
MARK STEVENS: Any others? Okay. Thanks a lot, Bryce.

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