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March 12, 2009

Retief Goosen


Q. 7-under, can you talk about your round today?
RETIEF GOOSEN: It was a good round, thank you. (Laughing).

Q. You finished and went straight to practice?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I'm going to have dinner tonight with the guys from CA, and I thought it was at 6:30 but apparently it's at 7:15. I was in a bit of a rush, tight schedule to finish my day off.
I hit a few balls, going to go hit a few more putts, work out and have dinner.

Q. What made you decide what putter to use, and how did you putt today?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I just went back to my old putter I won the U.S. Opens with.
The key is really I like the bermudagreens. I seem to putt a lot better on those than I do on the West Coast on the poa annua grass. I just seem to read them a lot better. I read the grain easier than I do on the poa annua.

Q. Do you change clubs in your bag often?
RETIEF GOOSEN: No, I haven't changed anything in my bag accident the 5-wood. I have the new R9 5-wood in the bag. Everything else is still pretty much the same as it's been for the last eight months, 12 months.
I did use that head with the belly putter early in the year, but last week I decided to go back to the short putter. Maybe putting with that long putter helped me a little bit because my stroke felt very good. My tempo is good, with the belly putter you need to have good rhythm in your stroke because it's that long.
Today I felt very good and my pace was good. I hit a lot of long putts very close to the hole.

Q. Inaudible.
RETIEF GOOSEN: The only thing you change is you get to a links course, you take out the 5-wood and put a 2-iron in.
This course is very dry at the moment. It's starting to play a little bit like a links. The fairways are running fast in places. You need to start hitting a bit lower shots and run it in there instead of hitting the high shots.
I've done well here in the past. Last year, obviously I had a good chance of maybe winning, but this year I'm off to a good start, and I've got something to build on for the next three rounds.

Q. What's the difference in your game now compared to when you were at your very best?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, today, it was like my very best; I hit a lot of good shots and putted well. That's always been a key, putting very well. The last couple of years I have not been putting well. That's why I tried something new at the beginning of the year and it didn't work.
I felt very comfortable going back to this putter and just changed it a little bit, put a little bit more loft on it and that seemed to help.

Q. How far back does this putter go?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Since the beginning of 2001. I've used it since then. I've won all the majors with it, and a lot of other tournaments. So, it's nice to see that it's looking like coming out of retirement. It's a C-Groove Yes putter. It's been in a dark corner of the garage; want to let it come out to the sunlight.

Q. How difficult was it taking it out of your bag?
RETIEF GOOSEN: It's hard, you always seem to go back to the clubs you like and trust.
Sometimes, when you are not making anything, you need to try something else, and you try it for a couple of weeks, and if that doesn't work, then you just go back to the old one. It normally goes in the corner for a little bit, but it all seems to come back out pretty soon.

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