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March 12, 2009

Robert Karlsson


Q. Thoughts on your own game today?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I played better than the score was to be honest. It was quite a friendly day out there today - I don't think I've ever played this event in so little wind. So I knew there were going to be a few good scores out there and that is how it seems to be. I haven't played that much myself leading up to this so there was a little bit of rust for me but all in all I was pretty pleased with it.

Q. Thoughts on Tiger?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I don't think I have ever played with him when there has been so little interest in terms of crowd numbers and stuff like that. It is a Thursday morning, remember, and the last time I played with Tiger was on the Saturday of the US Open and or in the Ryder Cup. I have never been drawn with him on the first couple of rounds of a tournament so that was a little different for me but it was great as usual, he is great to play with. I enjoyed it.

Q. How do you think he looked physically?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I think he probably feels a little bit rusty to be honest, he hit a few indifferent shots that he doesn't usually hit but he also hit a number of really impressive looking drives that I haven't seen him hit in that way before so if he puts it all together, he is definitely not any worse than he was before and, as I said, he has shots and way of hitting shots that I haven't really seen him hit before. It is now up to him to put all that together in terms of scoring but he has definitely not lost anything since his injury.

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