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March 12, 2009

Oliver Wilson


Q. Just how frustrating is it to play that beautifully but double the last?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes, very frustrating. It is a tough hole though you know. You play 17 holes and you know it has to come that hole. I hit a great drive but I think that is the toughest pin on that green to be honest. I was more concerned missing the green right rather than left and I was just a bit in between clubs and didn't really concentrate properly and hit a bad shot. It was a shame not to hole the putt for five, that would have been all right but I played all right, it was a good round apart from that so I'll try and take that forward into tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Q. Is this your first view of Doral?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes it is. I played a practice round on Monday and then nine on Wednesday so I haven't seen it too much but it is one of those courses which is right in front of you, you can see what you have to do but there a a couple of holes where you have to know what you are doing and where to go and where you can't go. Apart from that it is reasonably straightforward.

Q. How did you feel your game was coming into the week?
OLIVER WILSON: Not bad, everything was pretty good although it might not have been quite as sharp as I had been hoping but that is the case most of the time, it is very rare that you think that everything is in perfect order, there is always something to work on. But it is not far away.

Q. I heard you had to go home between Arizona and here to see your father, is everything okay with him?
OLIVER WILSON: Yes, he is doing all right thanks.

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