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March 10, 2009

Alex Liddi

Marco Mazzieri

Adam Ottavino



Q. Seem like a similar script the first game where the starting pitcher did well, and the bullpen wasn't able to keep the guys off the board?
MARCO MAZZIERI: Well, I think (indiscernible), and he gave us three strong innings. We feel like we have an obligation to (indiscernible). I feel like we owe to the kid. He gave us the best outing he could have got us and I think we appreciate it. And I honestly think, for those first three innings, actually we were good, too, because we hit the ball hard. We hit the ball hard at people. We couldn't find the big hit. Bases loaded, we did it, line drive up the middle from Mazzanti. And I could tell they were a little nervous up there.
And if you score early a couple runs, who knows? Even though, you know, you have to say that that line-up is there.

Q. Just wondering what you told the guys after the game?
MARCO MAZZIERI: Actually, I haven't seen the guys. I gotta go back.

Q. What are you going to tell them?
MARCO MAZZIERI: Well, I think the first victory is the victory over ourselves. By playing the way we played throughout the tournament is a victory for us. And I think they really played up to their level, or even better for our Italian players. And I think I couldn't ask for more.
The effort was there. The energy was there, good baseball was there. So I couldn't ask for more. I just want to thank these guys for all the effort, and they've been outstanding.
THE MODERATOR: Also joined by Adam Ottavino.

Q. What kind of things did you take away from Mark Hargrove and Mike Piazza? Anything you talked about that came across for you throughout this preliminary round?
MARCO MAZZIERI: As I said before, I know Mark Hargrove and Trebelhorn since those times with the Orioles, and actually, I consider my mentor, and that's why I want him here with me. And I learned a lot by joining them and, you know, for their spring training, major league spring training.
And later on, through the season, I got to know Mike Piazza, which I didn't know before. He is a real nice guy. I mean, he's been outstanding to us. Of course, to be surrounded for those people, it's a pretty special thing. And it's a learning experience that I hope that will bring me somewhere far along the way.

Q. Pitching against those guys, as well as you did all those big league star guys out there, what do you take from this.
ADAM OTTAVINO: It was a good opportunity for me to get to pitch against a line-up like that. I got to thank Marco for that, for getting me on the team. It was a real honor. Tonight, I was kind of nervous going on, but as soon as I threw the first strike, you know, I got more confident.
And I think that confidence is the main thing that this will give me in the future. It's just knowing that I can hang with those guys.

Q. Any word on Nick Punto, who needed to come out of the game after he got hit in the elbow?
MARCO MAZZIERI: I haven't checked with him actually. As I said, I didn't see the players yet. So I can't say nothing. But we took him out, didn't want him to make it worse at all. But how serious is it, I don't know.
THE MODERATOR: We've been joined by Alex Liddi.

Q. (Question in Italian)?
MARCO MAZZIERI: There was a hug between me and Francisco Cervelli. That's the question.
Well, there was a hug between me and Francisco, as well as with Vinny Rottino and some other of those guys. I just want to hug them because I really feel -- I love all my players, actually.
I try to put them in the best position to succeed. I always give them the credit for the good performances. I love seeing my players perform well. I think they feel it, and that's why they gave me their best effort all the time.
THE MODERATOR: Any other questions for Marco, Andy or Alex.

Q. Alex, what did you take out of this tournament? The defense was there, especially the last couple nights, and then couple hits you got yesterday.
ALEX LIDDI: I think this was a great experience. I learned a lot of things from my teammates that play in the big leagues. I learn a lot of things from other players I played against.
And I'm happy for all the team. We didn't win today, but I'm thankful.

Q. Adam, just wondering if you can break down the sense of camaraderie between the guys and give me your own sense?
ADAM OTTAVINO: I didn't know what to expect, but as soon as I joined the team, we kind of gelled really quickly, you know, as like a family. I'm like the quietest guy, but I still feel like I have a good relationship with everyone on the team. For me, for that to happen so quickly, it's amazing. Everybody was giving everybody hugs at the end. It was just a good experience.
And, you know, I can't really put my finger on why, but, you know, I mean, maybe it's all the pasta we ate together after every game or what, but it was a lot of fun.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, gentlemen.

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