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March 9, 2009

Elmer Dessens

Adrian Gonzalez


THE MODERATOR: We'd like to hear your take on this game.
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Well, what can we say, you know? We finally won today; had a great game. Elmer helped us and placed us where we needed to be to win, and we hit the necessary home runs and closed the game.
ELMER DESSENS: As Adrian said, at the beginning it was a tough and close and tight game. Fortunately, defense helped, and we were able to raise the team's spirits, and we are more than ready to continue with our commitment.

Q. Adrian, you are one game away from returning to San Diego, where you will be representing your country. What does that mean for you to make this happen?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I've spent my full life in Tijuana and San Diego. I will put my heart in my hand every time I play. But more so for Mexico. We need to be able to go past this first round, go into the second one, to show the entire country that yesterday's game can be slated; to prove to people that we do have the talent. We have what it takes to win, and it's not only in San Diego but go on to Los Angeles where the semifinals and finals will take place.

Q. Justin's [] pitch really surprised us. It was very controlled. How did you feel their pitching was?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: We weren't surprised, actually. We were stiff. Since the 5th inning yesterday, we were all extremely nervous, and hopefully through today's last three innings we will begin to relax, and we can feel the same way the next time we're up batting.
Today was a great game for the defense.

Q. Elmer, you'll be going with the New York Mets. What does this mean to you?
ELMER DESSENS: Right now I'm with Team Mexico. That's what I'm thinking about, and that's what I'm concentrating about. I'm not thinking about the Mets. Right now I'm wearing a Mexico shirt, and what I've been doing is trying to help the team. You know, you try to hit -- I pitch for strikes, and I try to place the team in a winning position.

Q. Adrian, talk to us about the psychological aspect of having an offensive explosion today versus the game that you had yesterday?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Well, like I said, after yesterday's game we went home feeling rather stiff, rather down. But having lost yesterday, it helped us realize that we can't just walk in and think we've got it made. And still, it helped for us to think that we can begin to win. Today's game has helped us, and the day after tomorrow we will go out there and win again.

Q. Adrian, less than a month ago you had three home runs, and you almost did it today. What happened? Did Vinicio say no? Don't you want to have a record, a record?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: No, I spoke to Vinicio, and I asked him, listen, "Do you want to give my turn to Agustin? I think this is a good time so he can start getting into sync. He didn't play yesterday."
And records, I'm really not that interested in personal records; I'm interested in winning. This is the time that is open for us to win.

Q. Adrian, patience is still key for the triumphs, and you're hitting the way you should.
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Well, much of it is good pitching so we can bat. The first few turns I was very nervous. We were lunging for strikes, and right now we're pitching a little bit higher, not so much to the waist. And the game was more relaxed.

Q. Elmer, how difficult is it to pitch at this altitude? Talk to me about how the ball carries.
ELMER DESSENS: Yes, it is hard to pitch here, but I played here with the Diablos, and that helped me to get a feel for what the situation and what the altitude is like. I have a great slider, and that's what helped me throughout the night.

Q. And for you, Adrian, the field, I'm sure, sometimes having this will help you or might work against you?
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Yes, it will work against you if you want to throw high. It will affect the swings. Yet this is one of the parks where the balls fly the most, and if you barely tip the ball, the ball flies very far. It carries far, and you need to be sure you don't walk out feeling down.

Q. For Elmer, how do you feel on a team with Miguel?
ELMER DESSENS: With Miguel, we spoke about it, we planned the game. We had the opportunity of watching Cuba's and South Africa's game when they played, and that gave me an idea how to pitch to the hitters. I spoke with Miguel, we agreed, and things played in our favor.

Q. This is a question for both of you: If Cuba beats Australia, you guys will face Australia again. Would you like to face Australia again?
ELMER DESSENS: Any rival, no matter who it is, means we will still walk out onto the field doing our best. We can't think about that, but we'll do our best, whether it's Cuba or Australia. I mean, it's entirely indifferent to me.
ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Like Elmer said, the rivalry doesn't matter, and it would be fun to play them again. We know we can beat them, but it really doesn't matter.

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