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March 9, 2009

Alex Liddi


Q. Alex, want to ask you, biggest win of your career?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah, one of my biggest. The other one was against the U.S. I don't know what to say. I'm happy we played together. We played like a team. We did perfect.

Q. I talked to three of your countrymen in the stands from Tuscany, they came all the way from La Verna to see you guys. I know they've got to be thrilled.
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah, they're awesome to come here, to give help to us, to make us play better.

Q. And for you now, tomorrow you play Venezuela.

Q. What are you going to do between tonight and tomorrow?
ALEX LIDDI: Nothing. Just, the game is over, we're going to enjoy it for a little bit, and after, get ready for tomorrow, because tomorrow night is a big game.

Q. Did you expect this?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah, we expect to win against everybody. Because we played the exhibition game, we played real good. We were ready to beat everyone.

Q. At what point in the game did you start to think that this game could be over, could be won?
ALEX LIDDI: From the beginning, we always think we're going to win the game.

Q. Talk about your own game. I mean, you and Chris were pretty much a demo crew tonight.
ALEX LIDDI: I think everybody did their job, and I'm happy I helped my team to win this game.

Q. And for and making plays in the outfield, too, it wasn't just a one-dimensional game for you and Chris?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah, I was believing in this game. I believe in every game I play, and that's what I believe.

Q. You were kind of like, Ooh, this is going well?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah, I was real happy, trying to keep my teammates up.

Q. When did it feel there was a little bit of a excitement on the bench?
ALEX LIDDI: When we scored the last two runs, I think we were really happy for that, real happy.

Q. There's always a feeling with the bats that they have, that they can get back in it at any moment, I guess?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah. I think today, we hit good through all the line-up, one through nine. We did a hell of a job.

Q. What does this mean for Italian baseball?
ALEX LIDDI: It's good for Italian baseball, because we show everybody that we can play baseball at the same level.

Q. Is this like the number one moment for Italy in baseball?
ALEX LIDDI: One of the biggest moments in baseball Italy.

Q. Coming into this game, what were you guys thinking? Obviously you knew that Canada was favored to win the game, but what were you thinking?
ALEX LIDDI: Of course, we just knew if we pitched good and we played good defense, that we can move the runner to third and bring him in, we can win this game.

Q. Alex, are you thinking at all about what your own performances means for you in your baseball career, going forward?
ALEX LIDDI: I hope. I'm sure it's good for my career, but right now, I'm only think -- not thinking about my career, but about my team.

Q. So even if you get a call, you're, like, I'm busy preparing for the Baseball Classic?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah (laughter).

Q. Is it important, too, because, you know, Chris and some of the other guys who play in the major leagues, you guys were raised in Italy, were big parts of this?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah. If you play with your heart, and you believe in what you are doing, you can be a big leaguer, no matter what.

Q. Your dad played baseball, right?
ALEX LIDDI: Yeah. He used to play, like, high school.

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