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March 9, 2009

Hiram Bocachica

Jose Oquendo

Jonathan Sanchez


Q. How is the mood of the team?
JOSE OQUENDO: The mood is fine. We are inspired, we are going to go on.

Q. Did you underestimate the Netherlands?
JOSE OQUENDO: I believe we are going to give everything possible. Anything can happen and we'll be positive and go forward. We need to be more positive, not to be over confident with the Netherlands team. They beat Santo Domingo and nothing, we're going to come out with intensity, with the desire to win and especially we are here before a full house, we know that the fans are really excited and we are too.

Q. Bullpen is ready today?
JOSE OQUENDO: Yes, our team is very good, and Snell is ready. And in the games that they played with the Mets is very good and if necessary we'll deal with the bullpen when we have to.

Q. Hiram, how have you felt here?
HIRAM BOCACHICA: Well, I feel really happy to have been able to represent Puerto Rico again, especially here in Puerto Rico, you know. And really, really happy and a little bit tired from the trip, but nothing, I'm positive here and I know we're going to win tonight and we're going to represent Puerto Rico in Miami.

Q. You recognize the teams that are participating and also you've had a participation and the experience in Japan. What could we forecast as to how the finals will be or who should classify it?
HIRAM BOCACHICA: Well, anything can happen in baseball, but if we let ourselves go by talent and like last year Japan won, I think that it's one of the strongest teams, I personally saw them this year in Japan, before coming to Puerto Rico, I said it's a group that gets well prepared and in the playing field. And the Team USA is also very good. Venezuela. And, well, hopefully we will also get ready and we will battle with the other teams to be able to get to San Diego. Tonight is very important to Puerto Rico's victory. We know that we can disregard, we cannot disregard anyone. Especially the Netherlands team. They're very motivated, they beat the Dominican team by surprise.
So we're going to do our best and the same as we have always done. And we trust that we will be able to come out well.

Q. Are you going to stay?
HIRAM BOCACHICA: Well, for now my goal is to stay healthy and play in Japan until God wants. Everyone knows how things are in the United States and I believe that is time to think about myself and my family and the future of my family and to be able to stay, be calm in the future.

Q. You're going to be with Washington? San Francisco?
JONATHAN SANCHEZ: San Francisco. In the rotation.

Q. How do you see this year? Do you have any goals in that last rotation being a third and fourth rival?
JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Well, to be first or fifth is the same thing, you're going to have, you're going to pitch every five days, regardless of the place you're in. But you know what I want to do is I want to do my job and finish healthy and that's what I expect to finish the end there in the rotation.

Q. Benji Molina has helped you quite a bit, I imagine. How has the relationship been?
JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Well, he's helped me quite a bit. He's a smart guy, he has helped me in all the games. And I feel fine. I haven't had any problems. He's always helped me, thank God.

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