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March 9, 2009

Damaso Marte

Ivan Rodriguez

Edinson Volquez


Q. How do you see the team?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: The team is fine. Pitching, quite good. Sanchez, Vosquez and Snell did a good job, so what we have to do is take it easy, stay healthy, and try to do the best we can.

Q. Did that victory over Boston yesterday help much?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: Yes, all the games where we can win the Panama team was well in those three games they played in Florida. What we have to do is start winning and try to do what you have to do in the playing field to start with a victory.

Q. Tomorrow you're facing Panama. What do you expect to happen?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: What I expect is to win. We are fine, the team is quite complete with a good offense, a very good -- we are fine, the team is quite complete with a good defense and a very good offense we have good batting in the bullpen and that is good. We have left-handers, right-handers, a little of all in the bullpen for when situations with the other team come up. But really what we have to do is what we have to do.

Q. What does it mean then for you to be here?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: To me it means a lot. After four years coming back here again and it may be the last World Series that I'm going to be playing in and I feel very well. I feel physically fine and happy, very happy to represent Puerto Rico here in Puerto Rico and I hope to God to be healthy and do a good job.

Q. Will that help you with a new contract?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: Well, if now there are several teams that are interested in me, but really, it's going to be very good for me because they are going to see that I'm very fit and still with a capacity to play in the big leagues.

Q. The team was growing little by little over you, good training, the chemistry, the dynamics.
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: The team is fine. The chemistry is good in the clubhouse and when you have that, you always show it in the playing field. And that is how good we have it. We get along very well.

Q. After multiple restrictions that there may be with the contracts of the players and the degree of commitments they have, how do you seat commitment that they have with their jersey?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: We are going to go into the playing field to win. We are very concentrated on what's positive, even for those exhibition games in Florida. You saw that we stole bases, we touched balls, and everything as if we were already at the Classic. We are going to play strong. We're going to play to win.

Q. How do you deal with your problem?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: I feel fine because I still have a whole life playing baseball. And on the contrary, I'm very anxious to work for the Puerto Rico team. Tomorrow I'm going to catch and then I'm going to be a designated batter.

Q. The pressure tomorrow, the game with the fans?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: I believe that we are going to be fine. We are very positive. The fans are going to be a very big factor for us. They are going to give us energy. In terms of catchers, Puerto Rico has no problem. Thank God tomorrow I open and then we'll switch. We all have to participate and share to win. We are not thinking about any team, rather what we have to do to win.

Q. How different is it today when you put on the big league uniform that time and now?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: You always have your little butterflies. Especially in tournaments like that. And then also you get -- and you also get that because of the part that you have pride that you have and for what you want to do for your team.

Q. Do you have any offers?
IVAN RODRIGUEZ: Several teams, nothing definite. They're rumors.

Q. What are the expectations for this 2009 season with the Dodgers team?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: To have a good season as I did last year, better or the same.

Q. And what's left of the Classic, what are your expectations?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: The team winning on the day that would be playing on Tuesday.

Q. Are you are ready to pitch?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I would be ready.

DAMASO MARTE: The Dominican does not feel that he's given up. Now is when we are going to see what a Dominican is, what one who is called a Dominican. One who is called a Dominican when they lose and everyone is flying with their head low. Again, we lost, and that's nothing. We are going to show now who we are and we are going forward.
That is similar to the last Classic, batting failed and pitching was there. You were a left hander that when Mr. Felipe called you always you were there automatically. Panama was notified of the summer league in the Dominican Republic.

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