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March 8, 2009

Trent Oeltjen


Q. Trent, acting as the catalyst for this team, what things are important for you to really get this team going tonight?
TRENT OELTJEN: I think for me as the lead-off man it's to get on base and just try and start things for the offense because we've got a lot of good hitters 1 through 9, and my job is to get on base and let the big boys behind me drive me in.

Q. You played in the 2004 Olympics. How does this compare to the Olympics?
TRENT OELTJEN: The Olympics was great, and to be lucky enough to win a silver medal was something you dream about. But this World Baseball Classic is the best baseball you can play, so it's really exciting.

Q. You played with a couple of your teammates in 2001 with the Twins organization. Did it help you guys playing together there, playing in Australia, playing in tournaments like this together?
TRENT OELTJEN: Yeah, there's a lot of good guys. You love to play on the Australian team and catch up with them, so yeah, it's always good to get with this Australian team. Everyone is a close-knit bunch, so it's good.

Q. Now, what do you look for more as a lead-off hitter? Do you look to get on base with a base hit? You've had ten triples in two of the last three seasons. What's your approach?
TRENT OELTJEN: Just depends how the game is going and what sort of count I'm in and that sort of stuff. Just see how the game goes.

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