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March 7, 2009

Erik Compton


ERIK COMPTON: I played great. I've had a great three days of ball-striking. I think I hit every fairway.
My bunker game is probably the worst in the field. I had some plugged lies and didn't get them up-and-down. I thought the golf course was actually playing easier tee-to-green than the first two days. I just didn't -- it was one of those days, just bad breaks, and hopefully they will get the good breaks tomorrow.

Q. Is the bunker game one of those things that you're not able to practice as much?
ERIK COMPTON: I haven't practiced because I'm using all new equipment this week. I just need to go ahead adjusted, which I love it, because I've been able to pick up some more spin and hit some different shots, kind of like I did on 18, the last hole.
My bunker game is just atrocious. I think you can shoot a 63 or 64 out there. I think the leaders are probably hanging out there, because you can go the other way, like I did. If you play aggressive, the guys that are far back tomorrow can shoot a low number and at least put the pressure on the guys.

Q. And how do you feel physically?
ERIK COMPTON: Physically I feel great.

Q. Trying to reach 18, what were you feeling?
ERIK COMPTON: Well, I mean, it was kind of the way the whole day was. I hit it great, so I started over the water. I think I had 300 to the front and I hit it like 280 and it plugged.
You know, I needed to make something happen and I thought maybe I could hold the chip shot and make an eagle and tomorrow shoot 6- or 7-under, and go to the next tournament.

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