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March 6, 2009

Bob Gilder


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Bob, you're coming off 63, course record 6-3 at TPC Treviso Bay. You followed up with 5-under, 66 today. 32 on the back nine. Good playing.
BOB GILDER: Thank you.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Just a couple thoughts about the round, and then go through your birdies.
BOB GILDER: Well, I hit the ball pretty good. On this golf course, you have to be deliberate with what you're doing, at least I do, because there are some holes out there that can really give you some problems.
I made a couple bogey on the front side, and really didn't hit it that poorly on those holes. But you just -- these greens are so difficult to read and to putt. You have to be really careful. If you're going to make any birdies, you got to hit it close. You're not going to make very many long putts, although Fergus does. He makes two of them from across the green the last two holes.
You know, I drove it really well today. I putted good. I made some good putts, the putts that I had to make. I didn't make any real long ones. I just the ones that I had good chances to make. I was very happy with that. I was very deliberate with it. Just tried not to get too aggressive out there. I was pretty successful with that, you know, being pretty conservative.
And the wind was blowing pretty good at times. You had to grab the right clubs and pick them. When I made bogeys those times the ball just didn't fly for me. I've been having a little trouble with that.
The round before the 63 at Treviso Bay or whatever it was, I hit a lot of good shots but they came up way short, and then a couple would go long and I was having trouble with my distances. So I've been very cautious about that when picking a club out here today. This ground has a tendency to act a little bit like the ground back there.
You think you hit a good shot and it doesn't go anywhere. You end up short. You come into these holes here that are into the wind, and you've got to go with the extra club, I think, and yet that's a little shaky. If it does go the distance it's over, and you don't want to be over on most of these pins.
Overall, I played smart today for my game. I was very happy with the way I played. Some of the putts went in. Not everything is going to go your way on a golf course like this, as hard as it is and as tricky is the greens are. I didn't really think that I would be leading, which we probably won't be by the end of the day. But I'm very happy with my start.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Run through the birdies.
BOB GILDER: No. 1 I hit, oh, hybrid out there and then hit a 52-degree probably about 15 feet from the hole and made that for birdie. Maybe 12, 15 feet.
No. 3, I hit drive and a hybrid on the front part of that green and two-putted for a birdie.
No. 5, I made bogey. Is that right? I hit a really good drive there. I had 4-iron from about 183. I hit it a little bit left of the pin. The wind got it and took it and dropped it that bunker over there. I didn't get it up-and-down. Had about a 15-footer. The ground was a little bit hard underneath the sand. I didn't expect it. It came kind of exploding out of there. Almost made the putt.
Let's see, what else?
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Birdie on 7.
BOB GILDER: Oh, a little short one up the hill. Hit a hybrid off the tee and hit 9-iron past the hole, a little bit left of the hole, and made a big sidehill bender. Probably about a 20-footer coming down the hill. Broke about five feet. Really fast. Not the place I wanted to leave the ball, but it worked out good.
No. 9, I hit driver off the tee just barely in the left rough and had too good of a lie and kind of went underneath the 7-iron and came up short of the green, and did not get it up-and-down. Chipped it and read the break wrong. Went left on me about ten feet from the hole on me and slapped the putt short and hard.
10 I parred; 11, par.
BOB GILDER: 12, I hit 3-wood and a pitching wedge about 12 to 15 feet past the hole and made that.
Par five, 15, driver and a 3-wood. Short right of green and chipped it up about eight feet and made that.
Par-3, 17, I hit 6-iron maybe eight feet short of the pin and made that.
18, I hit drive and a 3-wood just short of the green and chipped it about six feet and made it.

Q. You said that you didn't think 5-under would be leading. Colbert came in here with eight birdies and an eagle and he's tied for the lead. He said he was going skip the locker room. He didn't want to get the jabbing I know I'm going to get.
BOB GILDER: He's so old, sure he's going to get it. I mean, he hasn't been playing that well. For him to shoot 5-under par, that's great. It doesn't -- I mean, he really hasn't been putting any scores up lately, and this is a great score for him.
Although this is the kind of golf course he could probably do it on, it's not real long, it's still tough. He obviously hit the thing good. I'm surprised he hasn't been playing better than he has.
But, you know, the fact that he hasn't been playing good and has a round like this, he's going to get a lot of static so he probably won't hang around much. Just enjoy it.

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