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March 6, 2009

Jeff Overton


DAVE SENKO: Jeff, another 67, now you're 6-under. Maybe just a quick look back at your day and we'll get some questions.
JEFF OVERTON: Just once again, I kept the ball out of the -- I kept it in play very nicely today, and was able to make some putts and clean it up inside ten feet for the most part.
I had a couple of hiccups late in the round, but I was able to hit an awesome shot on 17. I hit a 5-iron about two feet. That was a great way to kind of finish up a good round.

Q. You said a 5-iron; it was blowing pretty good there again today at 17.
JEFF OVERTON: It died down just a little bit compared to yesterday.
So kind of got a good break on the wind on both 15 and 17. I think 2 was about 190 to both of them and hit 5-iron. That one was a little downwind, and the other was a little shorter I think. Hit just two awesome 5-irons right on it.
I had this little baby draw going, and I just felt really comfortable with it. I knew I wasn't going to miss it right the way I was swinging it for some reason, I don't know why, but it was just -- put it just a little right of the pin and went ahead and swung at it.

Q. Anything else today stand out about the round?
JEFF OVERTON: I had a good up-and-down on 12. I hit it over the green there. Got that up-and-down. I got out of rhythm a little bit the next few holes. They put us on the clock, kind of unfortunate. Kind of hurried up maybe a little bit on my putting stroke.
It's hard, you get on the clock and I know I'm a little bit slow on the greens, and the rest of the play I'm usually pretty fast. So you're scared, so you always feel like you're a little hurried rather than just nice and slow.
I got a little out of rhythm, but we were able to make up for it on 17. It was nice.

Q. Was it the conditions, the weather, or did something happen to slow you guys down?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, the conditions, it was playing tough. I think the 12th hole, same thing. Like the other two guys in my group were just inside of me, and I had a really tough up-and-down. So I was the first person to go. They had tough up-and-downs, too. I took a pretty good time, because I couldn't decide if I want to flop it or if I wanted to land it into a bunker. It was uphill and down over a ridge original.
So I kind of took a little bit of time and those guys took a little bit of time, and next thing you knew, we got the next hole to tee it up, and somebody riding a golf cart was right in the middle of my swing about to hit, and I had to back off and start all over. Kind of got out of my rhythm a little bit at that point.
For the next few holes, we got on the clock the next hole, and just, you know, that's the PGA TOUR. It's tough. When you're playing well, you've got all the people out there and you've got to learn to manage not only your emotions, but just the way the people are out there watching and stuff.

Q. I'm not sure how much you were able to see the leaderboard, it's pretty much the first two pages of it are guys who have not won out here or have not won in a while. No tournament is ever predictable, but what do you make of a leaderboard like that? Does it just add to the unpredictability of the weekend when you have a lot of guys in very similar situations, looking for that one big moment?
JEFF OVERTON: I think if you look at the PGA TOUR, it just goes to show how much more competitive it's become over the last few years. Tiger has raised the bar. It's unbelievable how good these guys are, it really is. It's unbelievable how many players have not won yet, but only one guy wins each week. You only have 35, 40 weeks, whatever it is, and you get Tiger winning half of them, there's not a lot of room for other players. (Laughter).
There's an unbelievable amount of talent out here, so it's pretty amazing that more guys haven't.

Q. Do you scoreboard-watch?
JEFF OVERTON: Sometimes it's hard not to, when it's right there.
It is what it is. I don't take too much -- in a four-round tournament, once again, you have to look at it and focus on it being four rounds, and you though you're going to have some hiccups and you're going to have some opportunities. You just have to take advantage of those opportunities and limit those mistakes.

Q. It seem at times today like it's even blowing harder at times than it did yesterday; did you find that to be the case?
JEFF OVERTON: I thought it might have been like that on the front nine. Probably about hole 13, for me, I felt like it died down a little bit.
You know, once I got to 15, and the wind wasn't quite as hard, which was huge. You play that hole, the Bear Trap there, with just a little bit less wind, it's nice.

Q. And it got pretty warm, definitely much warmer than yesterday obviously. Are the greens as receptive as yesterday or are they starting to pick up a little bit, too, now that it's a little bit warmer?
JEFF OVERTON: I thought for the most part they were still pretty receptive. Downwind, what greens are going to hold? On No. 10, it got a little firm. I hit an 8-iron in there from like 195 and the thing bounced all the way, just took a huge hop.
Any time you are downwind, the ball is going to bounce a little bit on any greens. So yeah, I would say they are becoming a little bit more firm, but not a whole, whole lot just yet.
DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Jeff.

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