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March 6, 2009

Erik Compton


Q. Talk about your two days so far.
ERIK COMPTON: I have not been playing very well the last couple of weeks, so I just went with the shot for the last two days, which is a rope-hook, and it worked. I tried to hit as many greens -- I think I hit 14 greens today. Hit a lot of fairways and played a lot better today than I did yesterday.
When you hit the draw, it's easier to control it in the wind, because you know where it's going, you know. Trying to keep it out of the wind, that's it. The greens obviously are pretty much perfect. It's just a good week.
I'm obviously very exhausted. The last few holes, I got just tired from playing 20 holes today. Didn't sleep much last night.
So you know, it's just good. Obviously have to do some work on the weekend, and that's going to be the hardest thing, getting enough rest and still a lot of golf to play.

Q. That's the irony, you have a brand-spanking new baby, so you're not getting sleep because of that, and you were allowed to have a cart this week but you decided not to take it. You have to talk me through that decision just a little bit.
ERIK COMPTON: Obviously it's a goal of mine; it's more important for me to be back and healthy and walking than even hitting golf shots. That's the main goal.
I think by walking, I'm not only helping myself, but so many other people to see that I'm doing this and living life and moving on and playing well, as well.
So you know, it's been like so many stories this week, telling my story, and maybe all you guys are helping me because I'm starting to believe maybe I am better than I am, you know. (Laughing).

Q. Two days in a row, it ain't us telling stories out there. You're the one that has to hit the golf shots on a tough course.
ERIK COMPTON: It is what it is, and I played very well for the two days. If you can do that and shoot under par, you're going to be in very good shape on this golf course and staying very patient within the moment.
Obviously the guys I played with today, it was a struggle. It was a struggle getting around the golf course but I stayed in the moment and I felt a lot calmer today than I did yesterday, once you get the first round under your belt, especially late in the afternoon, it can be tiring. So late/early, for me is the worst combination. Usually I struggle with that.


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