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March 5, 2009

Matthew Mitchell

Eleia Roddy


Georgia – 82
Kentucky - 64

THE MODERATOR: Joined by Eleia Roddy.
COACH MITCHELL: I want to say the girls played an awfully good game, played extremely hard, played offensively, particularly the second half. They play like that, I think they have a great chance to go deep in this tournament. They did a good job today.
Very disappointed in this game, we came down here with the intention of winning this tournament. Our team practiced hard and worked hard to prepare for the game and fought hard in the first half. I was proud of that.
And we were able to get a 9-point lead, and then it just unraveled on us. So that was certainly disappointing, but we will try to regroup and if there is more basketball to play for us, we will take this game, try to learn from it and try to improve upon it.

Q. Coach, you mentioned that things unraveled, what did they do or what did you guys stop doing?
COACH MITCHELL: I thought we stopped guarding dribble penetration. I thought they really started taking it to the basket on us.
Even when we built the 9-point lead, I thought we were playing very good offense, but I was concerned, I thought they were scoring a little bit too easily in the second half. I just thought that their guards really turned it on.
I thought Christy Marshall was able to make a big difference in this game and made fantastic, fantastic plays.

Q. Coach, they were making their shots right and left in the second half, was that frustrating?
ELEIA RODDY: It was very frustrating, but I give 'em credit. You feel like you're playing hard and they just hit shots every time, it's frustrating. When a team is hot there is not much you can do about it but just keep trying to go at 'em.

Q. Eleia, can you talk about how you felt going into the locker room? Were you feeling confident at that point?
ELEIA RODDY: We were feeling very confident, and we wanted to take the momentum into the second half, and I think that's what we did. We had the momentum in the second half and we wanted to nail the hammer on them and pull away. That was our attitude.

Q. You guys did come out and scored the first four or five possessions in the second half, did you feel it was a continuation of the way you ended the first half?
COACH MITCHELL: I was very pleased with the way we ended the first half because I didn't think we played our best basketball, but I did think we were working really hard and fighting really hard and able to make some hustle plays.
I felt really good going into halftime because I felt we could make a couple of adjustments and cash in some momentum. So when we came out with a hot start, I was feeling good about our team, and then it's just -- inexplicably they had a drop in energy level and defensively was the most curious thing as a coach, that's been our hallmark all year, that's been our side of our team.
That's probably the most productive defensive team that we've been able to have at Kentucky this year, and for them to put on that kind of a performance is certainly a testament to how good they are, but I just thought we didn't play anywhere close to the kind of defense we needed to play and that we have been playing.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Coach.

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