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March 5, 2009

Vicente Fernandez


Q. What food always reminds you of home?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Miso carrero, which is noodles, chicken, vegetables, and stew.

Q. Okay. You have a favorite restaurant?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: I have a lot of favorite restaurants.

Q. Anything stand out? All the Champions Tour events you've got one place that you say, That's pretty good?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Yeah, most of the time it's Careera's Italian restaurant.

Q. What do you order?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Pizza to start with. Margherita with a lot of garlic, and then any pasta or fish.

Q. Most memorable meal? Did you have anything after a big victory?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: My most memorable meal, it was coming off Q-School in '76. We stop in Miami where they were playing the mixed championship. (Indiscernible) asked for dinner. We went to Stone Crab. That was the day I found out I was allergic to shell official. Almost die.
Even today, I'm telling you, still my mouth is watering because of the taste of it, but I cannot eat any shellfish anymore.

Q. Best snack?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Best snack, mortadella and cheese on a baguette bread.

Q. Okay. What do you eat on competition day for breakfast?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Fruit, cereals, and then toast with marmalade or peanut butter. Dulce latte sometimes.

Q. To maintain your competitive edge, is there any foods you've added or given up?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: I given up a lot of red meat competition days, and I give up some, how you call, soda with gas, right? Try to avoid gas.

Q. Carbonated drinks?

Q. What do we find in your refrigerator at home?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: You will find a lot of things that goes with snacks, like smoked salmon, Parma ham, a lot of kind of cheese, and a bottle of champagne just in case.

Q. Most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

Q. Do you remember where you were?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: In Argentine. Very tasty. I recommend it.

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or a live, who would it be?

Q. And do you have a favorite food tradition every year? Anything at Christmas or New Year's or Thanksgiving?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: Well, we are famous in Argentina for being the best meat in the world, so barbeque, Argentinian barbeque, which is different. We cook very slowly and very low heat, and very tasty.

Q. Can you give me an example when you say slowly?
VINCENTE FERNANDEZ: For example, T-bone steak or sirloin, here you cook in seven minutes. We cook in 15 to 20, so it is very far away from the heat and slowly going down as soon as it's cocking, and the last come minutes strong heat.

Q. Perfect. That's done. You're done.

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