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March 5, 2009

Tom Watson


Q. What food always reminds you of home?
TOM WATSON: Well, a barbeque beef brisket sandwich from any of the variety of the great barbeque places in Kansas City.

Q. What's your favorite restaurant, and what do you order there?
TOM WATSON: Well, you know, actually, any restaurant that produces a good pan-fried fried chicken. That's what I order there because that's my favorite meal.
It's not the best for my health, but fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans is the -- that was my birthday dinner. Any time I grew up, on birthdays that what mom fixed me.

Q. Most memorable meal?
TOM WATSON: Most memorable meal?

Q. Anything after your first Masters win at the champion's dinner?

Q. Nothing like that?
TOM WATSON: No. Most memorable meal? That was...

Q. Come back to or? Or just skip it?
TOM WATSON: Well, I think coming back and having a meal at home after my first semester of college. That was my most memorable. So Thanksgiving meal, 1967.

Q. Best snack?

Q. Competition-day breakfast?
TOM WATSON: The best breakfast is fruit, eggs, and smoked salmon and bagel with cream cheese.

Q. Eggs, how do you like them?
TOM WATSON: Any way.

Q. Okay. Anything you've given up or added to maintain a competitive edge?

Q. Okay. Basic things in the refrigerator? Anything unusual?
TOM WATSON: No, I like -- you know, nothing too unusual. There are a lot of foods that I like. Right now it's deer summer sausage.

Q. Okay. Most unusual thing you've ever eaten?
TOM WATSON: That's baked sparrow in Japan.

Q. Okay. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
TOM WATSON: Well, it would be with my mom and dad. Pretty self-explanatory.

Q. And favorite family food tradition? Anything, Christmas, Thanksgiving?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, roast beef. A seven-rib, standing prime rib roast beef for Christmas dinner. We used to have it at 1:00 in the afternoon on Christmas day.

Q. Perfect. That's all I need.

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