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March 1, 2009

J.J. Henry


Q. Did the wind give you a problem today?
J.J. HENRY: So much putting. I played fine 14 and 15, and then all week the wind off the water, 16, 17, 18, totally switched today. The storm was blowing in, blowing a good 30 miles an hour.
You could argue it was probably the three hardest finishing holes on TOUR, the storm and everything else that was blowing in there, 16 was a tough spot. And then 17 was a tough drive and had a pretty good shot over there to that putt on 10 and good shot on 18. I hit a driver, 4-iron and pin high, hit I pretty good putt.
Again, for me it was a great week. A little disappointed I had a chance to win. That's how you play. You give yourself a chance and next year maybe I'll come out on top.

Q. (Inaudible).
J.J. HENRY: Yeah. You know, you're going to miss with the wind blowing you around, that's probably gotten putts, the winds blowing you around. I thought 17 was a really good putt. I got a little blown off. Probably should have backed off the putt. You're going to bogey those holes.

Q. What I was noticing was --
J.J. HENRY: Extremely difficult, but it was the same for everybody, and I was in the position where I'd have a pretty good chance to win.
And again, second, I'll take it, I guess today, I'm disappointed I didn't win. I guess bitter sweet, but at the same time I'm playing really well. Hopefully it'll carry over next week to the Honda.

Q. This is your best finish since '06 you had a win in T2.
J.J. HENRY: I did a lot of hard work this winter, and for me I'm used to taking time off in November and December, but I really worked hard in December. And I've already seen some benefits in the payoff, if you will, a couple decent finishes in the year. And now it feels good.
For the most part obviously you're under the gun. You're playing under a lot of pressure. You're trying to win again. For the most part I hit a lot of good shots all day long.
I gotta keep it up, and I hope to play really well. Shoot 2-under par as well is a little difficult, but I try to put the pressure on, but of course, those two bogeys on 16 and 17 really hurt me.

Q. (Inaudible).
J.J. HENRY: Oh, yeah.

Q. Your check this week, how much of a lift does that give you?
J.J. HENRY: Well, we play -- more importantly what I was thinking about most of the day, I talked to my little boy last night who's four -- I got two, one who's four and one 16 months. He asked me if Daddy was going to bring home the trophy. I came up one short. That was in the back of my mind all day. I was trying to bring that trophy home to my son. So I guess I'll try again next week.

Q. In general, how does this compare with some of the other stops on TOUR?
J.J. HENRY: I've never been here. I've heard wonderful things. That's the only reason I came down. The other players have said it's a good stop and the TOUR said how wonderful it is.
You always want to be playing in Tucson in Match Play this week, but if you can't play there, come down and enjoy great weather, great golf course. I love playing in that kind of grass.
I hope in future years more courses can kind of take this style of grass and go with it. It's wonderful grass, wonderful tournament to play at. Greens, tees, everything, course is in great shape. I had a great time. Hopefully next tournament is Match Play, but if not, I look forward to coming back for sure.

Q. You would recommend it to some of your fellow golfers?
J.J. HENRY: Oh, for sure. It's a great place.

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