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February 28, 2009

Yu Darvish

Tatsunori Hara

Ichiro Suzuki


Q. The first question for Skipper Hara, yes, you are going to have the exhibition game at the Tokyo Dome. What is in your mind right now?
TATSUNORI HARA: Yes, finally, we are going to walk out as a unit. The conditioning of each player, I am so happy that each player is keeping their condition very good.
Moreover, our unit as in Samurai Japan, I am checking today's game, if our system is working; well, why not.

Q. So you are defending champion, reigning champion, what kind of baseball would you like to show to the world? What kind of Japanese baseball would you like to show to the world?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: Well, to me, the power of Japanese players that, is something that I like to show. And I would like to expect the Japanese players to show that, because they have called up great players from all over the world. Each player plays with his own pride, and also with respect and confidence, and gives it all, so that we can make sure that we can impress the entire world with Japanese baseball power.
If we can do that, then there is nothing to be afraid of in terms of our opponent.

Q. Ichiro, your working out sessions are over; how do you describe your emotions right now?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: My heart is burning.

Q. Can you explain a little more your heart burning? Are you thinking that your heartbeat is going out a little bit?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: Doki doki, where my heart doki doki, is expecting to be doking, doking, which is a little bit faster, Japanese expression, I think. It's tough. I don't know how to explain. It's a tough question.

Q. So you are going to be excited and your heart is going to start beating faster, and with that in your mind, would you please tell us your aspirations about the WBC here in 2009?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: Very honestly speaking in the global baseball world, who is the best, which country is the best, that is a simple result that we will see in several days. And that was started two years ago for the first time, and Japan became the champion in the first WBC; and last year, South Korea won the championship and won the Gold Medal in the Olympics.
I believe that in the global baseball standard, to improve the entire baseball, the ability of the Asian Nationals need to contribute to that, and in the last two international baseball championships, two Asian countries actually won the championship, and that signifies how well we can play, and that is very important.
So from that sense, this WBC 2009, of course, in this Asian round, we are aiming to win, so we will make the result. And after that, as a representative of the Asian countries, go to the United States, and again, we will win and we will make a victory, and that, actually, contributes to the global baseball and Asian baseball. That's very important. That's how I think, that's what I think about.
In this Asian round, there are four national teams that we play against, and we have a very good relationship, and we have very good rivalry. That's what I hope, at least.
I think my comment was quite complicated, but I hope that my message has come across.

Q. My question is for Mr. Darvish. Tell us about your opinion for the WBC round, first Asian round.
YU DARVISH: Yes, first of all, I am only concerned to keep my motivation and keep my condition. Well, fortunately, I have lots of tournament experience, so I am concentrating on myself.

Q. You have experience as a National Team player in the Olympics, and you are wearing the National Team uniform again. What does this signify for you, being a member of the National Team and playing against a global baseball team?
YU DARVISH: It is different from in the Olympics. However, of course, we will play against the international team. The international team is a very good team, whichever country they are from.
So I am looking forward to playing with them to see the very different style of baseball from different countries.

Q. Today and tomorrow, you are going to have exhibition games. Any special thoughts to keep your condition up? If you have any, please tell us.
YU DARVISH: Yes, I am focusing not too much stress on it, let the ball go. That's what I'm thinking.

Q. You participated in the first WBC and this is your second experience. Now you are here in Tokyo and you are back from the United States. Can you compare to the last time, what are the changes and what are the differences you feel? Are you feeling any differences this time?
ICHIRO SUZUKI: Well, the Tokyo atmosphere is different from Osaka.

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