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February 27, 2009

Sean O'Hair


CHRIS REIMER: Welcome Sean O'Hair, thanks for joining us. 2 & 1 victory today, down two early I think in the match, I believe, and just talk about today. What was it like to get the victory?
SEAN O'HAIR: Obviously it was great to finish the day on top and to be able to play tomorrow.
I didn't start off the day as well as I would like to have. I hit some nice shots on the first hole and I actually felt like I hit a good putt and I left it like eight feet short of the hole.
It just for some reason it feels like this week the putting green has been a lot quicker than the greens on the golf course. So I was kind of frustrated because I spent about almost 45 minutes on putting green today.
So I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the round, and I was all of a sudden I was 2-down after two holes, I guess, and then I just hung in there.
I missed a short little putt on 3 to win a hole. But just gave myself a little pep talk and hung in there and ended up wining. It was great.

Q. When do you think the match turned in your favor? What do you find the most relevant out there?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think after nine -- either after eight or nine. I think that the match was all square I think going into eight, if I remember correctly. I don't know if that's right. And I just flagged a wedge right over the pin, flew the green, difficult up-and-down, and I don't think he expected me to get it up-and-down.
So did a good job there. And then had a good solid hole on nine, and I think that I just felt like the momentum was in my favor going into the back nine.

Q. I can't remember whether you played in this thing last year. How much match play experience do you have?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think I played in 2006 at La Costa, but not much match play. I played a little bit in the U.S. Junior Amateur, and that was about it. So not a ton of experience.

Q. Is it anything that's been difficult to grasp at all or are you pretty adaptive to that?
SEAN O'HAIR: A lot of people ask me that question. Golf is golf. You still, if you're going to play good and you play better than your opponent, you're going to win. And really all it is is a matter of preparing your mind that morning or the night before of if a guy's in this situation, how I'm going to play; if I'm in a different situation -- you just play all the scenarios in your head, and you just kind of get a game plan.
But the fact of the matter is I am playing just like it's a medal play tournament. I'm going out there trying to hit fairways and greens and playing shot to shot and just being patient out there, and obviously I think it's great if somebody chips in and you got to make a putt. It's fantastic because you've only got one option. So I think that it actually makes it a little easier.

Q. You went to Brophy, right?
SEAN O'HAIR: Mm-hmm.

Q. What's your entourage like here this week? And secondarily, does growing up or playing in high school in the desert, does that help with some of the trickiness with the altitude and all that?
SEAN O'HAIR: The answer to the first question is I have no entourage. And, yeah, it does help. I played -- I guess I was out here for three years or so. So when I moved out here I was a low ball hitter and from west Texas and then had to learn how to carry the ball because out here you got a lot of desert carries. Especially being 15 years old playing from the tips, you got to learn how to get the ball up in the air. So, yeah, you know, it was -- I think it's beneficial.

Q. Any family, friends anything look that from your Phoenix base down here?
SEAN O'HAIR: No, not really.
CHRIS REIMER: Thanks, Sean.
SEAN O'HAIR: Thanks.

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