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February 26, 2009

Andy Murray


THE MODERATOR: Unfortunately Andy is here to announce his withdrawal from the tournament because of a virus. So if you have a few questions for him.

Q. When did you get it, Andy?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I got it first down in Australia, and I felt -- I haven't been the same really since. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. I got some anti-virals from the doctor yesterday even after the match, you know, so it didn't help so much.
I had some breakfast and then slept again for three hours and the guys woke me up, just not feeling good.

Q. Were you not feeling good during the match yesterday?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, like in between the set where it felt so tired, really weak. You know, when the adrenaline sort of wore off, felt very -- just very cold and sort of shivery. So obviously felt my temperature is up. So my body was just aching a little bit. So I need to take some time off.

Q. Does that date back to -- was it before your match against Granollers?
ANDY MURRAY: It was actually after I played Granollers in the evening of that match. When I was cooling down after the match, I didn't feel great.
But I don't know if it's -- I don't know if it's still the same virus, but I mean, I haven't been feeling 100 percent really since. My throat has been sore pretty much every day.
There was a couple of days right at the end of Rotterdam where I started to feel a bit better, but as soon as I arrived here, sore throat again.
But I guess everything is just sort of catching up a little bit.

Q. What about the invitation for next week?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. I obviously want to try and play. I'll see how I feel, you know, give it my best shot to get ready. Doctor says I need a week, 10 days to start feeling better again, and you know, I'll just see. You never know with these things; sometimes you can recover quickly than other times.

Q. Have you spoken to Flossie at all?
ANDY MURRAY: I called him yesterday and he didn't call me back, so I'll probably speak to him today at some point.

Q. Will you be influenced at all by what happened last time in Glasgow when you tried playing and it was pretty difficult for you, and it was questionable whether that was the right decision or not under?
ANDY MURRAY: It was a bit closer to the time I wasn't feeling good last time. It was probably on the Monday, Sunday evening, I started to feel bad before that, so I got a few more days.
But I'm a lot more experienced now, and I know what my body -- my body needs and wants, and if it needs rest, then I have to rest. If it's feeling fine, then I'll play.
But this is probably the worst I've felt since that last time.

Q. You were forced to stay a few days longer than you wanted to in Australia because of the flying thing. Did you have any sort of big checkups when you got back to London?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, I had blood tests and stuff and none of them came back too bad, but I was still on antibiotics for five or six days.
When I got back from -- like I said, when I got back from Australia. So still something wrong. And then I guess I started to feel a bit better towards the end of the week in Rotterdam.
It was really tough when you have a virus or whatever, you want to just spend time in bed, but you're not feeling great.
But if you try and get ready for a tournament, you have to try and practice and try and go to the gym and make sure you're in reasonable shape. I managed to do that for Rotterdam and here as well. But I wasn't really able to train as much as would I have liked.

Q. Without getting too specific, how does it manifest itself? Is it stomach or aches?
ANDY MURRAY: No, head, throat and just aching generally.

Q. Your legs and your arms?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, just feeling stiff and sore.

Q. So that flu-y feeling?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I don't know how each flu, virus and colds and stuff, I don't know what all of them mean exactly. But yeah, just everything but my stomach is not feeling great.

Q. The ankle problem that you spoke about early in the week, has that went away now? Is that clear?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. It felt fine to play yesterday. I guess so.
No, I have some days off, is what I was told I needed, so I'm sure that won't be the reason why. If I wasn't available to play in Glasgow, I wouldn't because of my ankle. I'm hoping I'll be okay the next three or four days and I'll see what happens with it.

Q. And how about flying, because you could not fly home straightaway from Oz?
ANDY MURRAY: I spoke to the doctor and he said you want to try to get back somewhere where you're going to spend sort of four, five days in a row where you're not sort of changing climates.
You know, in Australia, it's slightly different. It's 24-hour long trip. Here, it's one flight. If I can get three, four hours sleep on the plane, then that will be okay. So I'll probably try and go home tomorrow.

Q. So you'll go back to London?

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