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February 26, 2009

Jim Furyk


Q. 4 & 2 over Martin Kaymer, never down in the match was it as easy as it sounded?
JIM FURYK: It's never easy. I got off to a quick start. I birdied three of the first five. The one hole I bogeyed in there, so did he.
So I got off to a quick start, was 3-up early, I had pushed it to four at one time, and just kind of -- he fought back and played hard on the back nine, but I was able to make eagle at 13 and birdied 14 -- I'm sorry I birdied 15.
So I just kind of stayed on him, kept the pressure on him. And he hit some bunker shots that could have went in, he hit a bunch of putts that could have went in, and he just kind of couldn't get it going his way today.

Q. What's clicking for you right now in your golf game that's getting you through these matches right now?
JIM FURYK: I've just managed a way to just kind of stay in some holes. I missed a bunch of fairways that I'm not real happy about, but my iron game has been real good. And I made a lot of key putts, which -- I holed a lot of putts from 10 feet and in and that really kind of kept the pressure on my opponents.

Q. That's really good considering these greens are pretty tough to figure out in such a short time. There's been a lot of really good putts that have guys shaking their heads.
JIM FURYK: Yeah, it's always difficult. In the desert, you're kind of up in the mountains, it's kind of hard to figure out which way is up, which way is down, and they are tough to read at times.
They have got a lot of undulation in them, but what's tricky is the holes are still in relatively flat spots. So you can have a 30-footer that's breaking eight feet, but usually your 6-footers and in are all relatively straight. And it's that little wiggle one way or the other that's probably got everybody shaking their heads.

Q. You're a Tucson boy, and you know a little bit about the Tucson area, you're playing great, keep it going and good luck tomorrow.
JIM FURYK: I had a lot of support the last two days and hopefully I can continue to play well.

Q. You sound pretty tired, is it, compared to a regular event, is it physically and mentally taxing more than a regular event?
JIM FURYK: I don't think it's any more physical, I think mentally it is. I think it's a lot more stress. Every hole you're jockeying for position, trying to win a hole or just trying to stay in it and halve it. And I think there's a little bit more stress and a little bit more pressure in this format.
So I think mentally I'm probably a little bit more tired every day.

Q. I haven't looked at the brackets do you have any idea who who you play next?
JIM FURYK: I'm not sure. I think I had the winner of the Fisher, Perez match.

Q. Fisher won.

Q. What do you know about Fisher?
JIM FURYK: I don't. I'm not really looking forward to any opponent. I think obviously to get to this point he's played well for two rounds.
And it really doesn't much matter which guy you're playing, you just prepare to go out there and play the best you can and play the course, play the opponent the next day and, you know, whether it was Pat or Ross, I knew I would be playing someone who would be playing well.

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