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February 26, 2009

Chris Riley


CHRIS RILEY: I've been here for the last two years. So definitely a great golf course, and Greg Norman did a great job designing it.
I started on the Back 9, and I birdied 10, 11 -- I can't remember. The first par-5, I think it was one, made a driver 3-wood, chipped it to about 18 feet. Made some good pars, made a wedge shot, made it for Eagle. That helped. And then I kind of just hung on, made a couple birdies coming in. I birdied 6 and 7, and then I hit it close on the last hole, but I didn't get it.
MODERATOR: Anything happen there?
CHRIS RILEY: No. I just pulled it. I made a lot of good putts today, but I pulled that one.
THE MODERATOR: Can you talk about your experience here, having played the last two years, how that probably helped you today?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. Absolutely. I think this course is probably one of the best one we played on TOUR.
The World Golf Championships if they could get here would be great.
I mean you gotta hit it straight, you gotta hit it close. It's just a great place to come, and the golf course is pretty awesome. I think it's top five on the TOUR for sure.
THE MODERATOR: Having played the wind before, did that help you here today?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. Absolutely. Usually the wind comes off the water. You pretty much know it's coming off. I mean you always have a view of the water, and it's usually coming off of it.
I guess in Hawaii they have a Kona wind, but I don't know what you call it here because it blew the other way.
It definitely helped. I don't know if I've ever played this golf course when the wind hasn't blown a little bit. You're maybe down here more than I am, but it seems like it blows kind of a lot.
THE MODERATOR: I mean did that help you knowing that?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. I mean I love to play in the wind because I hit the ball low. I'm not a high ball hitter, so a low ball flight is pretty good here.
I've played pretty well here the last couple years, top 30. Many of these guys who have won in the past, Brian Gay and Fred Funk, they're pretty straight down the middle, no wings or anything like that.
THE MODERATOR: I think you were tied for 18th and 22nd in the last two years.
CHRIS RILEY: Oh, okay.

Q. Knowing that you're coming to this course to finish your game and have had some success?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. That's definitely helped. I got my card back at Q-School, and coming to a place you're comfortable like here. I played well at Puerto Rico as well, so I'm looking forward to hopefully being in the Honda. But we'll see.
No, there are definitely different courses for different players out here that we do good on.

Q. When you see that a course like this is coming up, like this weekend, do you (inaudible).
CHRIS RILEY: Actually this is a good opportunity to win, especially with the Top 50 in the world not here. It's a great opportunity for anybody in the field to get a win.

Q. (Inaudible)... the last three days. You expect something similar to happen this year?
CHRIS RILEY: You know what, I think it all depends on the wind. If the wind doesn't blow, I can see the scores go really low, because it's not a long course. But if it keeps blowing like it is for the next four days, I think there's not going to be that many. I think it all depends on the wind.

Q. Did you see this round coming? CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. I think I've been playing pretty good. The last two tournaments I've played on the West Coast has been raining. Pebble Beach was rainy and windy. And I don't hit the ball that far, so it was a challenge up there. And the other tournament in San Diego, I felt good.

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