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February 25, 2009

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/T. Gabashvili
6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Anything in English first?

Q. It took you 53 minutes out there to do the job. You must be very pleased with the efficient way you handled it.
GILLES SIMON: Yes, of course, because I normally I stay two hours on the court.
Today it was much more easier, and that's good, because I have a match to play every day, and this is good for the next one.

Q. Were you surprised at how comfortable it was for you?
GILLES SIMON: Yes, because I think he didn't play the best tennis today. He did so many mistakes, and finally, I played better, and yeah, I was more confident.
I had the break at the beginning of the match, so it was much more easier to play for me. It was the first time since a long time I started very good like this, 3-love on my first and this is why I play better.

Q. This is a big day for France: They have five players in the last 16 of a 32-man draw. You've been responsible for the resurgence of your country's fortunes. What are your reflections on the way it's turned for your nation over the last year or so?
GILLES SIMON: Well, I think that we had very good players in France, but I think the players were not confident when they played the tournaments. When there is one start to play good, and then one more, and then one more. And when you are close from this player (indicating proximity) I mean, outside of the courts, I think it's much more easier for you to be confident to say, Come on, I can defeat him because all my friends defeated this guy.
So I think it's easier when you see your friends winning the match. You just think that you are able to do it, also.

Q. So you are taking inspiration from each other?
GILLES SIMON: Oh, definitely, that's true.

Q. And it's much better to have the group of you competing at this level than just one flying the flag on his own.
GILLES SIMON: Yes, I think it's much more easier to be all together in the tournaments.
What is hard is that we have to play against each other so many times. I mean, every tournament, I play against French players.
So the match are different when you play someone from your country. But I think in general, it's a good thing.

Q. And you're proud to be No. 1 in your country?
GILLES SIMON: Well, I climb to be No. 1 because there are so many players. But if you are No. 1, because your rank is 50 and there is only players in the top hundred, it's different.
When I see all of the other guys playing, when I see Tsonga, Monfils and Gasquet, when I just check the ranking on the Monday, yeah, of course, you are primed for this. It's not that I want to be better for this, but it's just that I know they are very good, and finally, my ranking is better. So, it's nice.

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