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February 25, 2009

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON: It was a really tough day. I got off to a decent start and played okay for the first six or seven holes. Then after that I was really fighting my swing. I was all over the place, right and left and unfortunately not often in between. Lot of desert visits and picking up cactus. Bit painful at times up the back, especially on the second extra hole. I had to back up into the cactus. He made a good birdie on the 15th and then struggled on 16th so I won that with par. He hit is wide on 17 and I won that with par as well. Then it was all up the last and the biggest disappointment was a poor tee shot. Heeled it and I was just trying to get it on the fairway and make four and hope that would be enough. Ended up making five and he made four to take it into extra holes.
I made some good putts on the first two extra holes, couple of 12 footers for par and then he made a seven footer on the first to stay in it and then I did the same on the second. I always felt I had to be very aggressive to win it, like on the third extra hole going for the pin. I felt I had to try and win it quickly as the further it was going to more it was going in his direction the way I was playing.

Q. Not used to going home this early?
HENRIK STENSON: No but I have been very fortunate in the past. 32 guys are going home the first round so it is always a possibility and I will be back to try and do better next year.

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