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February 25, 2009

Geoff Ogilvy


Q. Good playing today, 19th hole victory, first round. Now that that's over and done with, at least you're through to the next one.
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, I was hoping on the 17th tee to not go down 19, obviously. I played a horrible shot on 17 and three-putted and then I had to go to 18 and he made a great birdie to take it to 19, and then I got let off the hook a little bit. He had a three-putt on 19 for me, and then I got up-and-down out of the bunker.
More holes than I wanted to play after 16 holes, but it doesn't really matter at the end of the day, you've just got to get to tomorrow, and I did.

Q. Looks like you got off to a good start, two birdies in the first four or five holes, but only 1-up, and then you knew there were more than a couple in it. Getting a good start is important in match play, but you played a past champion and you are a past champion. Is there anything extra special you need to do apart from having a little luck?
GEOFF OGILVY: I don't know about extra special, but you know Kevin is not going to go away. He won this tournament because he's very solid. He hits a lot of fairways, hits a lot of greens, doesn't miss many putts. It's tough to play a guy in match play when he's doing that. You're never going to get way away from him because he's not going to let you unless you go crazy and make lots of birdies.
I got off to a good start, and we both played kind of solid towards the middle and I kind of got my nose in front towards the end, and then he pulled it back and we had to go down 19. It was a really equal match, really. I felt like I was playing better after 16 holes, but then he won 17 and 18, and it worked out my way in the end.

Q. These greens have got a lot of undulations on them. What's your opinion of the golf course overall?
GEOFF OGILVY: Do I have to answer that question? It's an interesting course. It's obviously going to take a lot of people a while to kind of get used to the greens. They're very different. They're slower than we're normally used to. They're extremely slow up some of these big hills, but they're quite fast down the hills because they're such extreme slopes. If you're in the right spot, they're relatively simple. If you're in the wrong spot, they're really hard.

Q. Do you think that makes the players' short games stand out more, that you have to be more skillful with a short game in that circumstance?
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, short game is pretty important, obviously, because you can leave yourself in some pretty horrible spots. Saying that, where you miss second shots on the greens is very important. There's some spots you can't get up-and-down and some spots it's really easy to get up-and-down. I think your second shot strategy is probably the most important thing out here, and obviously I think a good short game is important.

Q. Would that make it more important to get more rounds under your belt here to learn that on this golf course?
GEOFF OGILVY: I do think the more you play this course, the more you're going to start getting used to it. There's some crazy putts out there. Both Kevin and I hit some really weird-looking putts out there today. I mean, you hit 30-footers to 12 feet. Both of us did it a couple times. In professional golf we really don't do that sort of thing.
I think the further guys get through this week, the better they're going to be on here, and obviously going forward we're going to play the same golf course for a few years, so the further you can get through this week, the better you're going to be in future years, as well.

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