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February 22, 2009

Felipe Aguilar


Q. What about today, you gave yourself a real chance to win.
FELIPE AGUILAR: I played well today, between yesterday and today, probably missed two shots or three putts that I shouldn't have, very short ones between inside a meter. That's what makes a difference out here. If you don't miss those, you have a chance to win. If you miss those, you're going to be playing for second.
Danny played great today, excellent golfer.

Q. Is he a huge talent, do you think?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Oh, yes. He's got the attitude. He's got the game. And he's fearless at times. We'll see what happens after he turns pro, but what I've seen today, I really enjoyed playing with him. He's a good player.

Q. Coming from Santiago, 24-hour journey to finish joint second, that's just the perfect preparation for Bali next week.
FELIPE AGUILAR: It is. It's always good to show to a tournament having played well the week before. And I'm very looking forward to it. I want to go back and defend my title, and whether I do or not, that's another story. But I feel very good practicing the last two months.

Q. Have you just spent the winter at home?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, the winter, which is our summer. And our summer, which is full going to the ocean, practicing, going to the gym and spending time with the family, also. It's very well needed for me. I spent a lot of time in Europe.
I'm playing this week, next week and then I'm playing a PGA event in Puerto Rico, and after that, I'm coming back to Europe and Asia. Yeah, I'll be playing 24 events this year.

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