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February 21, 2009

Andres Romero


JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Andres Romero into the interview room after a 6-under par 65. That was a great way to finish the round with three straight birdies. If we can get some comments on your day.
ANDRES ROMERO: I played a great round today. It's been a while since I played a good round, and since the two weeks in Hawaii that I played really bad, I took four weeks at home and I practiced a lot there. I noticed that I need to practice a lot, and it paid off, the practice.

Q. Who do you work with at home, or do you just work with yourself?
ANDRES ROMERO: Every time I go back home, I see my uncle, that's the first one that taught me my first swings. Also, the last two weeks, I played 18 holes or 27 holes every day, so that was very helpful for my game. Also, I went out jogging or running because I was not in good shape, and that also helped me.

Q. You are four shots behind the leader. How are you going to work with that?
ANDRES ROMERO: I am four shots behind Mickelson, the defending champion. He played two great rounds, Thursday and today. It's a tough job but I will try to do my best. It's not against him, it's against the course and if I play good against the course, maybe I have a chance.
And if I don't, I will try to stay up on the leaderboard.

Q. How did you make the three birdies at the end?
ANDRES ROMERO: I almost played three perfect holes, the last holes. 16, I hit an 8-iron really close to the pin.
Then on 17, I made an excellent birdie. I tried to hit the green in two, but I hit the bunker. But then I made a great approach and it was like five meters, and it was a great putt.
And on 18, three perfect shots. Drive, 8-iron again, perfect putt. I have a lot of confidence with the putter, just like when at Carnoustie when I made those ten birdies and I'm feeling more or less the same at that time with my putter.

Q. You said you're not playing against Phil; you're playing against the course, but how hard is it to do that when Phil is playing in your group, and also, what's it been like for to you play with Phil before?
ANDRES ROMERO: I am lucky to play the final round with Phil. He's one of the best players in the world, and I learn a lot when I play with them. It's very helpful for me and for my game to play with them.
I played with him at the Masters last year, and it helped me a lot. I know that there are going to be many people tomorrow with our group, but it's just I'm going to be lucky to be in that position. I have to take advantage of that situation.
JOHN BUSH: Andres, thanks for coming in.

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