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February 20, 2009

Vincent Johnson


Q. Your thoughts?
VINCENT JOHNSON: A lot of fun. Definitely learned my lesson. A lot of things that once I get back to Phoenix, I'll be able to evaluate everything that happened. Even talking to Søren and Bryce, you know, I learned a lot the last couple of days.

Q. What happened there? Talk about 5.
VINCENT JOHNSON: Yeah, the ball moved. My head is coming back, my eyes are coming back on the line I want to play. I wasn't sure. The biggest problem, it was too hasty of a move. I talked to Bryce, because I wasn't sure, and I said, you know, waiting for Rules. I ended up playing, and it was the wrong move.

Q. When you played it, did you play under the assumption that it had moved or it did not?
VINCENT JOHNSON: It did not. Bryce thought the way it was sitting, he thought it would have moved more, had it. They have the footage, and the biggest thing is getting the right ruling.

Q. And then was it any kind of a jolt on 7 tee when the rules official came up?
VINCENT JOHNSON: A little bit. I think the toughest thing, the game of golf, you want to play with integrity and everything. And I take that very seriously. I by no means wanted to, you know, try to get an edge on anything. That was probably the biggest thing. You know, the fact that I got the penalty, I'm glad that they got it right. It was more that, you know, you know how maybe it could be seen.

Q. Was that on 7, did you first hear about that?
VINCENT JOHNSON: Yeah. I was still kind of dazed. The wind is kind of out of yourself for a little bit. I missed the green on 7, but I think I one putted; I scrambled well. I thought that perhaps I could have got something going, and two shots is a big deal. One shot out there isn't everything.

Q. Where do you go now?
VINCENT JOHNSON: Back to Phoenix. We play next week at a course that I'm fairly comfortable with, and then after, just regroup and go from there.

Q. What's the course?
VINCENT JOHNSON: Wigwam. So it's kind of the west side of Phoenix.

Q. Did you think that when the rules official came up to you that maybe you could have handled it a little better than you did?

Q. Could he have handled it a little better?
VINCENT JOHNSON: No, I was the one that didn't do my job as far as doing it the right way. He did his job and that's why he's here. That was it. He told me as soon as he could have. I think that help. I think I was still a little shocked by it, but the fact that he told me so soon, that's a lot better than had I not known until 16, 17, that would have been a big difference.

Q. How did the conversation go?
VINCENT JOHNSON: He asked my interpretation of it, and my eyes were still fixed coming back on the line. I thought it might have moved, and that's why I talked to Bryce. But you know, they have footage, and like I say, the most important thing is getting the right call.

Q. What do you do differently next time, did you call a rules official over?

Q. Did you think about it or were you worried about --
VINCENT JOHNSON: No, Bryce and I, we had spoke about it. He felt bad because I think maybe if he would have said well perhaps we should call a rules official, we would have gotten one and that would have been just one shot but overall, it's still my responsibility.
He said he wasn't fixed on the ball, but that he didn't notice anything.

Q. And you didn't either?
VINCENT JOHNSON: That's kind of how golf goes, and this was -- it hurts, on a really big stage to have something like that, but sometimes you have to take your medicine and just learn and it won't happen again.

Q. What's the best thing about the last week?
VINCENT JOHNSON: I could come up with a huge list. Seeing Mr. Sifford again, I spoke to him last night before I teed it up today, that was pretty cool, too.
Talking to the guys, they gave me some words of encouragement, so that was nice. I mean, the golf course, this is an amazing golf course, and to play it for three days was a blast.

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