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February 20, 2009

Luke Donald


LUKE DONALD: Overall, I felt pretty much in control today. I hit a lot of good shots and you know, I hit a lot of greens today. Could have made a couple more putts out there, but all in all, the game feels pretty solid.

Q. No one really ran away today. Did the course play tougher? What was the difference?
LUKE DONALD: The greens are definitely firming up. That's making it a little bit more difficult to get close to some pins. Certain greens are a little firmer than others. I mean, I think scores were maybe slightly better this morning. When you take advantage of the smooth and softer greens, you're going to make a few more birdies. It's tight up there and packed right now.

Q. You've had some finishes in the Top-25; do you feel the wrist --
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, I've been working hard since the wrist injury. I was able to spend a good couple of months working on my game.
You know, it's obviously given me some very solid rounds already. I haven't really been spectacular, but I'm there or thereabouts, and I still feel I have some better golf in me. But so far, it's pretty solid.

Q. Difference for the scores in the morning?
LUKE DONALD: I just think the course is firming up. Every hour, the course is getting more and more firmer. It's dry conditions and a little breeze, it will dry up the course. And the faster and firmer it gets, the harder this course plays.
I think that's the main reason.

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