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February 20, 2009

Rory Sabbatini


Q. 4-under on the day, you have to be pretty happy with that?
RORY SABBATINI: Considering I started hitting my first shot out-of-bounds on the first hole. Considering that it was a good tournament.

Q. It's not an easy tee shot, but I'm sure when the ball went out-of-bounds, you thought, oh, this is a good start.
RORY SABBATINI: No, actually I just didn't have a chance to get a cup of coffee this morning, so I figured I would hit over in the trailer and see if they had any.
The first hole, you've got all the earth to the right. There's no reason to hit it left on that hole. But for some reason this morning, brain had not woken up yet, and made a stupid mistake.

Q. But you got your coffee in you and then turned it around pretty quickly.
RORY SABBATINI: We had some good greens out there this morning. Obviously they were a little fresher than they were yesterday afternoon, so, you know, gave us some opportunities to make some putts, and I managed to do that.

Q. Tell me about this golf course. The wind did start to pick up as you were finishing but it didn't seem to bother you much.
RORY SABBATINI: The golf course always plays the same. It very rarely changes.
The firmness is about the only thing that really varies out here, and maybe some rain here and there. But you know, other than that, the course always plays the same. I've played it enough times that I should know better.

Q. At least going into the weekend, you have some experience at this golf course.
RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. I enjoy playing here. It fits my eye very well. They have made a few small changes to it this year and toughened it up a little bit. The course is playing a little tougher and it will be a good challenge this weekend.

Q. Classy round today. Is everything coming together? How is your game?
RORY SABBATINI: Actually it's coming around pretty nicely. Drove the ball well and hit the irons well, and I'm actually just really enjoying that new Callaway. The thing just goes forever. Really enjoying it.

Q. A lot has been said about the adjustments you've made from what you've learned from 2008, and now you're 2 1/2 months into the 2009 season. What have you learned about your game transitioning from 2008 to 2009?
RORY SABBATINI: Obviously been struggling here and there and changing some things with regards to workouts and been an adjustment with the game there. It's starting to sink in now and the game is starting to feel really good.

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