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February 19, 2009

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I'm happy with the round. I was able to knock in a couple of putts here and there. A good, solid round, good start to the week and hopefully I can follow it up with a few more good rounds.

Q. After the AT&T, looks like all the rust is gone now.
JIM FURYK: I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that. But I'm happy with the way I played and I feel like I'm getting better with every round and starting to trust myself a little bit more, so just keep going.

Q. The course seems to be giving up some low scores today.
JIM FURYK: Yeah, when we first teed off, there was a little breeze, but now it's nice and warm, very little breeze out there and the greens are very receptive. This morning, we were able to stop the ball quite easily.

Q. Is this a course that suits your eye?
JIM FURYK: I love this place. It's a pretty golf course, real classic, good golf course. I don't think you'll find many guys on TOUR that are not fans of it.

Q. Could the conditions have been any better for you today?
JIM FURYK: Well, it was a little breezy this morning, a little breezier, a little cooler this morning. But we played a few holes and the breeze went down a little bit. The sun came out, warmed up, and the greens are very receptive out there right now. I think the guys will be able to fly the ball and play aggressive, and I think that's why the scores are good.

Q. How would you explain your form right now? How close are you to getting to your full form?
JIM FURYK: I'm getting there. I'm getting there. It's the first round of the year, so just have to trust it a little bit more and I just want to keep improving and getting better and keep getting more comfortable with my game and my swing and my putting.
I felt like the greens for me, they are a touch quicker than they look, and you just have to be careful. I thought it was difficult. Putts can get away and you can knock them three or four or five feet by pretty fast. The speed on my putts was pretty good today, which I struggled with last week. I struggled with that all week, and I think that's why I didn't make as many putts as I would have liked.
But today I really felt comfortable with the pace of the greens, and when I missed putts, they were relatively stress-free and I was able to tap them in.

Q. The good scores today, is it because of the conditions and it being a little bit damp?
JIM FURYK: It's nice and warm and sunny and there's very little breeze. As I said, the greens are receptive, so it's allowing guys to be aggressive, and that's going to lead to low scores, no doubt.

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