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February 15, 2009

LeBron James


LEBRON JAMES: First of all, it was an unbelievable experience. Once again, to play in the All-Star Game here in Phoenix, 2009, appreciate it to all the fans that came out and supported us and watched it on TV.
It is another exciting day for the game of basketball and for the NBA.

Q. Five years ago we would have told you you would be playing against Kobe and Shaq and you would be doing this all over again, what kind of odds would you put on it? And how much fun was it?
LEBRON JAMES: It depends if those guys were to stay in the West. Shaq being in the West, Kobe being in the West, you can see them playing in an All-Star Game again together because of the caliber players they are. It is fun to see them compete like they did tonight.

Q. Expectations for your team the rest of the season and where you can go, especially after that last game you guys played the Lakers?
LEBRON JAMES: Our expectations is to continue to get better every day, to improve offensively, defensively and our chemistry to improve every day.
It gives us a great opportunity to win ball games. We are one of the teams that's competing for a championship, so we can't afford to take a step backwards every night we go out on the basketball court.

Q. LeBron, I don't know if you were asked about this. What did you make of Shaq's -- the way Shaq sort of made a show of the whole thing? He is going to be hard to replace?
LEBRON JAMES: Absolutely, whenever he decides to lace up -- unlace the shoes, the game will be missed without the big fellow. He brings showmanship, sportsmanship, laughter, he brings everything to the game of basketball. The game will miss him.
The game don't look back on a lot of players that come through the league, but Shaq is definitely one of those guys you always look back on and wish he was still around.

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