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February 14, 2009

Arron Afflalo

Bill Laimbeer

Katie Smith


KATIE SMITH: This is my first time doing it, but it was a blast to be with the other players. We all were just having a good time and competing in our own little way.
But a blast to be here with these guys and represent Detroit.
ARRON AFFLALO: It was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed the opportunity to be here and be involved. Had a lot of fun today.
BILL LAIMBEER: It is always fun to get out there and compete no matter what you are doing, whether it is basketball, golf or whatever.
I'm happy Katie got some more hardware. She has collected a whole bunch of gold medals with a WNBA championship and MVP. Now she has got another one.

Q. Katie, you said yesterday that you would represent the D pretty well. Talk about winning this one for the D.
KATIE SMITH: Always. I have been there -- this will be my fourth year in Detroit playing. Great, great fans. Great sports town. The city is always behind you no matter what you do.
I'm sure we made a lot of Detroit folks very proud tonight, and they can talk about that.
BILL LAIMBEER: As Katie has learned, Detroit is not -- not very popular around the league, from personalities to winning. We can keep on winning, that's good.

Q. Bill, you were worried about your eyesight yesterday. Apparently you did not drag these other two down and you did just fine.
BILL LAIMBEER: You're right, we made a change. I used to shoot the three-point shot at the top and I'm older, I'm not going to get in the way of the greatest three-point shooter in the history of women's basketball. So we have been changing in our lineup and it worked.

Q. Arron, you go back to the locker room, I guess you can say, hey, I got some hardware. You can brag to other guys?
ARRON AFFLALO: This is a good place to start. As a Piston, you take pride in being the best, being a champion no matter what you do.
It was a great time.

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