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February 13, 2009

Michael Beasley

Eric Gordon


THE MODERATOR: If you wouldn't mind making a brief comment about playing in tonight's game.
ERIC GORDON: It was fun and kind of disappointing we lost, though.

Q. That last couple minutes, it looked like you were trying to make a push. How good was that run?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: Yeah, I mean, we had the best lead all game. They made their run, Kevin wrecked the high. That's when the pride kicked in, that's when we decided to fight. But by then it was too late.
ERIC GORDON: Yeah, I would say, we were up the majority of the game and then they started to hit a lot of tough shots.
And then, you know, they were bigger than us so they got the majority of the rebounds and put-backs. So that really slowed us down. We put up a fight with them.

Q. You and Kevin kind of hugged at the end of the game, there was a little bit of a duel. Can you talk about the relationship with him?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I knew Kevin since I was 10 years old. We go way, way back. Just to be in this type of atmosphere in the NBA together, it is a blessing. It is a dream come true.
Kevin is a great player, and I'm just glad to be on the court with him. I'm happy to be mentioned in the same breath as him.

Q. Michael, I know it is mostly a fun game. You were talking this morning about how you were worried about the Rookies losing the six straight games. Now that you are on the short end, what's your overall reaction?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I guess I made it eight now.

Q. You just turned 20 more than a month ago. Can you talk about what it is like to be on that stage with all those great players?
ERIC GORDON: I think Beasley -- you're 20, right?
MICHAEL BEASLEY: I just turned 20, January.
ERIC GORDON: We got a lot of young guys as rookies. Even though the sophomores, they have a little more experience than us, but we try to come out and play. It is good to play along with these guys again.

Q. Eric, can you talk about what the dynamic was like on the court? Was it really competitive? Was it more of a fun, scrimmage-type game? What was the feeling on the court?
ERIC GORDON: Well, most of all, it was fun. But it did get competitive at times because it was a high-scoring game. The guys were making shots from everywhere. It was more of an offensive game.
So at times it got competitive.

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