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February 13, 2009

Kurt Rambis

Dwyane Wade


THE MODERATOR: If you wouldn't mind just making a brief opening comment about coaching in tonight's game.
KURT RAMBIS: I did everything I could, but Dwyane Wade wasn't carrying his weight and caused us lots of problems out there.
Seriously, for those of you that are laughing right now, we didn't do a good job stopping their penetration. Obviously they got way too many points in the paint. Durant did a good job driving as well as hitting his outside shots.
The turnovers hurt us. Transition points hurt us, lack of getting rebounds hurt us. I enjoyed it. We got a future head coach here. Did a good job out there.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. There is an excellent group of young men that will be representing us in the NBA in a few years, and they are going to carry the NBA proudly to a new level.
DWYANE WADE: Just like Coach said, I really enjoyed my experience. Sitting alongside Kurt Rambis was an honor in itself but also to get an opportunity to be around the guys, to be around the future of this league, my peers, and to see some of the guys' greatness, got to see it up close and personal and not against my team, Kevin Durant, what he does every night.
It was great. I'm glad to be one of the first player-coaches in the rookie-sophomore game.
KURT RAMBIS: This is the kind of interview sessions you like.
DWYANE WADE: Love them.

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