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February 13, 2009

Yao Ming


Q. There has been talk about discourse in the Rockets locker room. McGrady has been hurt and in tests has been hurt. What is the state -- status of your team now mentally?
YAO MING: We want to win of course. I can tell you, we are still very close.

Q. Are you disappointed how it has gone, a lot of people were projecting the Rockets could challenge the Lakers. You have McGrady, Artest, you have a very deep team. On paper, it looks like you should be a championship contender.
YAO MING: Like you said, we have a very deep team. I agree with that. A good team is not built in one day. We are not like the Celtics with a Big Three.
I think we will need some time.

Q. You need time, your team? You have been there a long time now in NBA terms. You have had injuries. You get the feeling that your time is -- you are getting a little anxious, you want to get there now?
YAO MING: I said as a team, we need time. Like you said, I have been through some injuries. But this year, I have only missed three games.

Q. This year you have been healthy. You don't want -- you don't want to waste that opportunity. That's why I said, maybe you are getting a little anxious. Allegedly, I speak English. So you are looking forward to succeeding?
YAO MING: Like I'm hungry to win?

Q. Yes.
YAO MING: I'm always like that. I'm always like that. I try to push myself, to play a game like the last game in my career, always like that.

Q. I covered Michael Jordan his whole career. As you get into the five years, six years he was always getting very anxious -- I use that word again -- looking forward to winning. You become a star in the league, a premiere player, you have that same feeling that I need to do anything right now to get a championship?
YAO MING: Obviously a championship is every player's goal.
Like you say -- what is that word again? Anxious. Yeah, I feel that way. That's why I'm so worried about the Rockets right now. We're not as good as we should be.

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