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February 13, 2009

LeBron James


Q. Notice that you were giving your East All-Star teammates a gift, even the Boston guys?
LEBRON JAMES: Even the Boston guys. We are all friends.

Q. Whose idea was it?
LEBRON JAMES: We wanted to do something really nice and we got an opportunity to see some of the work that Steuben Glass did. They are one of the world makers in glass. They do all the classic custom glasses and bowls. Anything you can ever think of you can order and they can handcraft it and them being -- the Schottensteins being in Columbus, being in Akron, it was almost like fate how we met.

Q. How did the Boston players react to the gift?
LEBRON JAMES: KG and Paul thought I was giving them a bomb. I had to convince them.

Q. Do you think Phoenix is an All-Star city?
LEBRON JAMES: It is a wonderful city, being able to be here, it means a lot to me once again to be here as an All-Star. It feels great to be here. Happy to be here once again.

Q. What is it like to be able to put down these huge rivalries, just to spend that week?
LEBRON JAMES: It is fun. Some of these players you dream about playing alongside of or wishing you could, to be able to in the same uniform with these guys, it is unbelievable for myself.

Q. You guys are entertainers as well as athletes. If you can serve an important purpose in that people -- especially times like we are in right now, maybe sports is an escape for a lot of people. Do you feel that as an athlete?
LEBRON JAMES: We thank you for that, that we were able to get a scapegoat for people going through certain situations, to bring excitement to certain families, to certain kids. We are excited to do that.
Every night we go out on the basketball court or whenever we're seen off the court, we try to hold that stance.

Q. With that pressure, you see like what happened to Alex Rodriguez, how important is it to play this game with the utmost integrity, especially when times are tough?
LEBRON JAMES: If you love the game and respect the game, it is definitely going to treat you well. Me as an individual, I can't speak for Alex. I can't speak for anybody. I can only speak for myself. I know the history of the game of basketball. I love the history of the game of basketball, and I wouldn't downplay the game.

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