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February 13, 2009

Allen Iverson


Q. Do you think you're going to go to heaven or hell?
ALLEN IVERSON: I have done a lot of good things in my life, and I have done a lot of bad things in my life. I don't know. I hope the good things that I have done in my life outweighs it because I damn sure don't want to go to hell.

Q. If you are not sure you're in yet, is it difficult?
ALLEN IVERSON: I'm not saying that I'm not in, because I think I am unless some things go dramatically wrong in the next however many years, I think I will be walking through those gates.

Q. It is a source of entertainment, it is an athletic event, but it is a source of entertainment. Maybe in a way, inadvertently, that serves the public goodwill because in times like this where we just lost 4 million jobs in this country, and people are losing their savings, sports is an opportunity to shut out that depressing stuff, tune in and just kind of forget about it for a little while and chill out.
ALLEN IVERSON: It is definitely a safe haven. It is even like that for us. You know, you think about how many lives we impact as far as when we go out and we do what we do.
It takes people away from their everyday struggle, you know, for at least two hours or more. They can get away and not think about their problems.
But it is the same thing with us. When I'm playing basketball for those couple hours, I'm not thinking about some hardships that go on in my life, things are not going well in my life. The troubles that I have off the basketball court. It takes my mind off things that's going on, that's troublesome with me.
Obviously, I really think it helps a lot of people and we have more impact on the world than people may think, than even we might think, you know what I mean? When I was younger, when we talk about role model-type situations, I never knew that we were important like we are.
And we are role models regardless if we like it or not. It is something that we got to accept, but it is something that people should know that we're human and we make mistakes and we are not going to be perfect.
You can want to be like Allen Iverson, but I don't think people should try to be like Allen Iverson. I think people should be better than Allen Iverson.

Q. Is the pressure more when you are an All-Star?
ALLEN IVERSON: I think the pressure is the same. Every NBA player is blessed to be in this situation. Every NBA player to me in my eyes being the player that I am and the person that I am is equal because all of us had to wait to get here. All of us went our different paths to get to this point.
But we all went through hell to try to get here. And to be here is a blessing.

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