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February 13, 2009

Dwyane Wade


Q. Talk about the trade for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamario Moon.
DWYANE WADE: It gives us some power down low which we need to compete. Our main thing is we can get it together faster. We just got to get everybody on the same page. Hopefully we can get a breather during the All-Star. It is really under the radar for what he can do.

Q. What are your thoughts on Amar'e Stoudemire while you are here in Phoenix?
DWYANE WADE: You hear he is one of the best in the game. You never know if it is real or not. Everyone's name is eventually going to come up in a trade rumor. That's what happens.
I think the best thing is not to worry about it. Just continue to do what you are doing. If you go somewhere, embrace it. If he doesn't, try to stay here and lead your team to the playoffs?

Q. What do you think about Shaq?
DWYANE WADE: There will never be another him, his creativity. We got a chance to see him in Miami for a couple years. It was unbelievable. Dwight Howard has that personality somewhat and he can bring it once he gets more comfortable in the star role.

Q. How does the dynamic of the team change with the trade rumors?
DWYANE WADE: It gives us a presence down low. Jermaine, he gives us what we have been missing in Alonzo Mourning as a shot blocker. I think he is going to help us. He is the push we have to make it to the end of the year.

Q. One thing the trade does is pull Beasley out of the trade rumors. Are you glad he is sticking around?
DWYANE WADE: Michael is a guy, as you can see, he is 14-6 off the bench in limited minutes. He proved last night going 9-for-10 on the road versus the Bulls, that he is very capable. This will give him more opportunity to showcase his talent. He is the future of our team.
He is 20 years old with an unbelievable upside. I think this will give him opportunity, more confidence to go and be the player we want him to be.

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